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IDD Updates – Week of April 8, 2013
April 10, 2013

The Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) recently held focus groups across the state in cooperation with the State Employment Leadership Network (SELN). ODP is a member of the SELN (www.SELN.org) initiative and is in the process of reviewing the various components of employment for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  The first phase was a SELN survey sent to stakeholders to assess current employment practices, outcomes, and resources. The next phase of this process is for individuals with disabilities and their families to complete an employment survey. The Survey Letter provides information and a link to this survey. Please share this information will individuals and families. The survey will be open for several weeks, is anonymous, and only takes a few minutes to complete. Questions may be directed to Diane Cashman (dcashman@pa.gov or 717-783-5755).
ODP has extended the public comment period on the Futures Planning Draft Long-Range Goals until April 11. Please submit comments to RA-odpfuturesplan@pa.gov with a copy to Linda Drummond. See the PCPA IDD Update 032913 for details on goals.

ODP has released the following, available at www.odpconsulting.net:

  • Informational Memo #027-13: FY 2013/14 Consolidated and Person/Family Directed Support Waiver Cost-based Services. This provides the rate development information that is effective July 1. Providers for cost-based services, including residential eligible and transportation trip services, will receive an individual rate letter with their proposed 2013/14 rates approximately one month prior to July 1. The cost-based payment rates are proposed and contingent on the final appropriated funding by the General Assembly.
  • Informational Memo #028-13: FY 2013/14 Consolidated and P/FDS Waivers Department Established Fees for Waiver Eligible Services, Residential Ineligible Services and Targeted Service Management.

Effective April 12, ODP Bureau of Financial Management and Budget Chief Kathy Deans is retiring. Information regarding ICF/ID should be directed to Joshua Kauffman (jokauffman@pa.gov).
The Pennsylvania Disability Employment and Empowerment Summit (October 23 – 25) is seeking proposals for workshop presentations. Proposals are due by May 1 and information is available from info@padesummit.org or www.padesummit.org.


April 8, 2013

The Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) has issued Bulletin #6000-13-03, Rescission of Class 3 Intellectual Disability Bulletins, which rescinds a variety of policy statements that are no longer current. These include subchapters in 55 PA Code Chapter 6000, making a variety of bulletins obsolete. 

ODP Announcement #026-13: Provider Monitoring and Qualification Calls for Administrative Entities is available at www.odpconsulting.net.

Changes in the Department of Aging and the Department of Public Welfare (DPW) Office of Long Term Living:

  • Executive Board of Aging Resolution #OR-13-001 abolishes the deputy secretary position for the Office of Long Term Living (OLTL) under the Department of Aging.
    Executive Board Resolution for DPW #OR-13-005 transfers OLTL from the dual authority of the Departments of Aging and DPW to solely within DPW.
    Any issues with waiver transfers from Aging to DPW should be directed to Ginny Rogers (virrogers@pa.gov)

Conference which may be of interest:
May 31. 24th Annual Conference on Medical Care for Persons with Developmental Disabilities. Sponsored by The Arc of New Jersey. Details available at www.mainstreamingmedicalcare.org.

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