RCPA - Rehabilitation and Community Providers Association


IDD Updates
May 16, 2013

Upcoming Events

  • June 18: PCPA IDD Committee and SCO Subcommittee Meetings, The Conference Center at Central Penn College, Summerdale
  • September 17 – 18: Aging/ID Building Bridges Conference, Radisson Hotel, Camp Hill
  • October 8 – 11: PCPA/PARF Joint Conference “A New CommonWealth,” Seven Springs Mountain Resort, Champion

ODP has issued the following information available at www.odpconsulting.net:

  • Informational Memo #038-13: Lifesharing Directory and Other Resources Added to ODP Consulting Website.
  • Announcement #039-13: Outcomes – Next Level Training. Conference calls for providers, supports coordinators and administrative entities on May 30 to assist ODP in its review of internal policies and practices to determine areas of potential revision and/or reconciliation.
  • Announcement #040-13: SC Curriculum 2013 Required Training: Target Symptoms of Mental Illness vs. Challenging Behavior. This is the first of four online courses from the new dual diagnoses curriculum that will be a required training for supports coordinators in calendar year 2013.
  • Informational Packet #041-13: Preparations for Fiscal Year 2013/14 ISP Renewal Period. This information is relevant to SCOs, administrative entities, all direct service providers (waiver and base), FMS, AWC, and vendors.

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