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IDD Update
June 20, 2011 (Updated 06/21/11)

The Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) has issued Alert #076-11: Directions to Retrieve the Proposed FY 2011-12 Service Rates in HCSIS. Providers have been unable to access the rates, which are on HCSIS. The alert provides information on how to locate rates.

ODP has issued Announcement #077-11: Waiver Direct Service Provider Audit Requirements for FY 2010-11 Reporting Period. Some audit requirements have changed from fiscal year 2009/10, so closely review the documents posted on www.odpconsulting.net on this topic.

Since many are not able so far to download 2011/12 rate from HCSIS, PCPA contacted ODP, which sent us to Deloitte for assistance. This is Deloitte’s advice:

  • Direct Service providers may contact Susan Long (slong@deloitte.com) or 717-695-5242 for assistance.
  • SCOs cannot currently access or download new rates. Deloitte is researching the issue and will let SCOs know the solution soon. One of the AE SCOs indicated they did access rates by going in HCSIS to Admin-Service Definition-View Impacts-Impacted Service Contracts (try and see if it works for you).

ODP has released the following information:

  • Informational Packet #078-11: Vendor Fiscal/Employer Agent FMS Wage and Benefit Ranges for Specific Participant Directed Services Effective July 1
  • Informational Packet #079-11: Agency with Choice FMS Wage and Benefit Ranges and Corresponding Rates for Specific Participant Directed Services Effective July 1

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