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IDD Update
June 20, 2012

On May 30 PCPA sent Office of Develpmental Programs (ODP)-funded members an IDA Coalition FY 2012/13 Fee Schedule Survey  to be completed and returned to Linda Drummond. The purpose is to assist PCPA efforts to keep the legislature informed regarding funding needs that should be included in the 2012/13 budget and to determine the financial impact on providers and continuation of services.  If you have not completed and returned this survey either to Ms. Drummond or another provider association (let her know if you did), please do so as soon as possible.

ODP Updates are available at www.odpconsulting.net.

ODP has released Informational Memo #048-12: Updates on FY 2012-12 Renewal Process, New Funding Stream, Clarification on Mileage Rate Change, Fee Schedule Geographic Areas, and Other Helpful Information. Highlights are listed below.

  • New funding stream created in HCSIS called the Human Service Development Fund. As Of July 1 the following base funding streams have been discontinued: base maintenance, employment pilot program, family driven, OBRA nursing home, Pennhurst Dispersal, and SSGB.
  • Service definition changes are loaded and viewable in HCSIS.
  • AEs will receive two reports: 2012/13 Individual Service Plans (ISPs) impacted by service definition changes where services were removed and ISPs that require Supports Coordinator to manually update the ISP to reflect service definition changes. These actions are to be completed by July 1.
  • AEs to receive report of 2012/13 ISPs that exceed the Person/Family Directed Supports Waiver cap of $30,000.
  • Effective July 1iIneligible waiver-funded residential services are assigned a net rate; room and board charges have been removed from the rate.
  • Clarification on Fee Schedule Geographic Areas: When determining which area on the fee schedule applies to the agency, providers should look at their four digit service location code enrolled in PROMISe and the county associated with the physical address, not the county served.
  • Any inquiries regarding this memo or rate load issue may be directed to your ODP Regional Fiscal Officer

Additional ODP Updates include the following:

  • Corrected Informational Memo #044-12. Revision reflects that the geographic region is determined by the AWC provider’s location.
  • Announcement #046-12: Debut of the Updated ODP Consulting System Website
  • HCSIS Update May 2012: Certification and Licensing System (CLS) Implementation for ODP-ID Licensed Providers. ODP has scheduled a series of conference calls from June 2012 to June 2013 for providers to ask questions related to the CLS implementation and training materials. Register at http://pic.odpconsulting.net. OLTL changes in Service Coordination to 15-minue units. ODP 2012/13 Service Contracts and renewal of ISPs.

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