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IDD Update
July 8, 2011

The Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) has issued numerous information pieces, including the following items, all available at www.odpconsulting.net.

  • Revenue Reconciliation Letter for Period 2 Year 2 Adjustments. This letter was sent July 6 to providers participating in Revenue Reconciliation. Details are provided regarding how to calculate adjustments. Questions should be sent to ra-ratesetting@state.pa.us. However, the letter has several typos on the footnotes; There are only two footnotes on Page 3 and #4 refers to the Year 2 Starting Revenue Target and #5 refers to the Total Year 2 Period 2 Adjusted Dollars.
  • Announcement #083-11: ODP Instructor Lead Face to Face Training and New Training Registration Portal. Three interactive training courses are being offered across the state for all interested parties who support individuals with intellectual disability. For supports coordinators (SCs) and sSupervisors these hours may be credited toward the professional development portion of the 40 hours of required training.
  • Announcement #084-11: Medication Administration Program On-Line Registration. For staff employed by applicable licensed programs, online registration for the Medication Administration Program will be available August 1. To  prepare for online registration, information is needed by July 15 from each agency participating. The agency must identify an entity administrator and primary contact. Respond with this information by July 15 to msullivan@pattan.net.
  • Announcement #085-11: New Video on OCS Website, Dennis's Journey.  This 15-minute video tells the story of Dennis through the voice of his mother, Mary Ohl.
  • Announcement #086-11: Interim FY 2011/12 Wage and Benefit Ranges and Corresponding Rates for Medical Assistance Fee Schedule Participant Directed Services in the Agency with Choice Financial Management Services Model (AWC FSM). ODP has temporarily reinstated Informational Packet #041-11, issued for FY 2010/11. Individuals participating in  the AWC FMS model will continue to use 2010/11 rates until further notice from ODP.
  • Informational Memo #087-11: Change to the Emergency Management Protocols. Administrative Entities are notified that ODP will discontinue the on-call pager system as outlined in Information Packet #012-09.
  • Informational Memo #088-11: Rate Load Information for the FY 2011/12 Revised Interim Rates. ODP is in the process of rolling forward the 2010/11 rates in PROMISe and HCSIS so that they remain in effect as of July 1. Once the rates are re-loaded, these will be the 2011/12 revised interim rates. It is anticipated the 2010/11 rates will be loaded into HCSIS and reflected in the 2011/12 individual service plans by mid-July. Until that time, administrative entitites, supports coordination organizations, and providers will continue to see in HCSIS rates that were loaded in mid-June.
  • Announcement #089-11: Supports Coordination Times Newsletter for Summer 2011. ODP newsletter specifically for Supports Coordination.
  • Works for Me project adds additional training sessions addressing"A Practical Introduction to the Work Incentives Available for People with Disabilities." Information and registration available at www.worksforme-pa.org.

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