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IDD Update
October 18, 2011

2011/12 Rate Information Released
On October 17 providers should have received a letter from the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) indicating rates for FY 2011/12, with rates from July 1 – November 14 being the same as FY 2010/11 rates which included a cut of a 2.5 percent rate adjustment factor. This was for both direct service providers and Supports Coordination Organizations (SCOs).

Beginning November 15 SCOs will move to the Medical Assistance program fee schedule rates which were provided in May and posted on the Department of Public Welfare web site.  PCPA data indicates these fee schedule rates for many SCOs will be up to a 28 percent cut from 2010/11 rates.

Direct service providers rates effective November 15, 2011 – June 30, 2012 were determined using 2009/10 costs and includes a cut of a six percent rate adjustment factor.

PCPA is requesting that members share with the association (agency name to be held in confidence) the impact of these rate cuts on services. Please let Linda Drummond know which services will be impacted, the number of consumers involved, anticipated deficits, and what the agency is considering to address these deficits. This information is necessary for PCPA to develop next steps to try to resolve the impact these cuts will have on the system and individuals in service. Prompt attention to this request is appreciated. PCPA and the Intellectual Disability and Autism (IDA) Coalition is meeting with ODP Deputy Secretary Kevin Friel on October 21.

ODP has released a variety of information
over the past week, all of which is available at www.odpconsulting.net.

  • October 13 Communication: Medical Leave and Therapeutic leave will be a maximum of 60 days per fiscal year with no exception process. Permanent vacancy leave will be a maximum of 30 days per participant per fiscal year with no exception process. Use allowance expenses for residential ineligible assets as a reimbursable line item in providers' annual cost reports or rates will no longer be recognized and ODP is developing policy changes.
  • Announcement #133-11: ODP Year 4 Cost Report Website. The web site is now accepting cost report submissions for Year 4 (2012/13). Providers must attempt a data submission by October 27 to ensure their submission is successfully loaded by the final deadline of November 3.
  • Announcement #134-11: Cost Report FAQ and Website Training Presentation Materials.
  • Announcement #135-11: ODP Year 4 Desk Review Training Registration. AE staff with a role in desk reviews of provider cost reports need to register for three different trainings sessions offered October 24, 25, and 27.
  • Informational Packet #136-11: Compliance to ISP Regulations and Individuals Who Reside in a Non-state ICF/MR. ODP is currently working on additional regulatory amendments with regard to individual service plans (ISPs) for persons living in ICFs/MR. Until these are finalized ODP will not require programs or facilities licensed under 55 PA Code Chapters 2380 or 2390 to create or to prepare ISPs for those residing in ICFs/MR.
  • HCSIS Update. Effective October 24 HCSIS Release 6.13.0 will include the ability for ODP state and region roles to request and view SCO and Provider Performance Review Reports. The Office of Long Term Living (OLTL) will implement the Enterprise Incident Management System for providers serving OLTL waiver consumers under the age of 60. 

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