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IDD Updates – Week of November 5, 2012
November 5, 2012

November 8, 2012

  • Office of developmental Programs (ODP) Acting Deputy Secretary Fred Lokuta will be at the November 13 IDD Committee to provide an overview of his vision for the future. Members who have not registered for the committee meetings must do so by November 9.
  • ODP has released Announcement #101-12: Updated SCO Monitoring Webcast Available. This announcement is available at www.odpconsulting.net.
  • PCPA has shared members’ issues related to the consolidated licensing system and the Certification and Licensing System (CLS) with the Bureau of Human Services Licensing Director, Ron Melusky. Responses to our issues and concerns are:
    1. Conditions and criteria for how complaints and incidents are classified for investigation are described in BHSL Complaint Classification.
    2. The Licensing Reference Guide addresses the licensing inspection cycle (see pages 21-30) which applies to renewal inspections
    3. Renewal inspections are not being replaced by incident, complaint, or any other type of inspection. BHSL is required by law to notify a provider in advance of the renewal inspection, and the comprehensive nature of a renewal inspection is very different from other types of inspections (which are targeted to specific regulations based on the nature of the complaint or incident). Some of the confusion about this issue may be the result of direction to staff that investigation of serious complaints and incidents takes precedence over renewal inspections. If a provider’s license expires because BHSL delayed an inspection or have not yet processed the inspection results, BHSL will issue a letter verifying that the license is in good standing and in effect for PROMISe billing and other purposes upon request.
    4. CLS requires modifications and upgrades and it is directly related to licensing in that the entire licensing process is managed through this system. BHSL understands that licensing staff and providers require more training on CLS use and this will be provided soon as essential system modifications are completed. However, the inability to produce a certificate or an LIS from CLS will not delay BHSL from issuing a license to operate. The license may be in the form of a letter or some other official document but it will carry the same legal weight as a CLS-generated certificate.
    5. Unfortunately the up to 12-week delay in PROMISe-related billing is out of BHSL’s control.

November 7, 2012

  • November is Assistive Technology Awareness Month in Pennsylvania and Governor Corbett has issued a proclamation for this recognition. Resources and information on Pennsylvania’s Initiative on Assistive Technology is available from Temple University’s Institute on Disabilities at http://disabilities.temple.edu/programs/assistive/piat/.
  • Former ODP Deputy Secretary Kevin Friel was hospitalized last week for emergency open heart surgery. He is doing very well in his recovery. PCPA wishes him a speedy recovery.
  • ODP has released Announcement #100-12: Vendor Fiscal/Employer Agent Selected by DPW. Public Partnerships, LLC (PPL) has been selected to handle payroll services for the over 22,800 individuals who receive Home and Community Based Services through ODP and the Office of Long Term Living. Transition has started to this new financial management service with new service plans expected to be in place by January 1, 2013. Administrative Entities have been kept informed throughout the transition and are in contact with SCOs for their involvement regarding implementation of this transition for individuals.

November 5, 2012

  • Please review the draft Offices of Developmental Programs Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (ODP/OMHSAS) Dual Diagnoses Curricula and provide comments to Linda Drummond (linda@paproviders.org) by November 9. The PCPA Info sent October 26 includes a link to the letter from work group Chair Dina McFalls, which includes the link to the curricula. Member input and recommendations are essential to the finalization of this initiative and the trainings which will be offered to intellectual disability, autism, and mental health staff to assist with programming and services for individual with a dual diagnosis.
  • PCPA officially welcomes Fred Lokuta as acting deputy secretary for ODP. This was effective November 3. Mr. Lokuta has been invited to the November 13 IDD Committee and we are awaiting his confirmation.
  • ODP has extended the deadlines for submission of the Year 5 Cost reports until November 8 and the waiver requests for per diem rates for ICF/ID and ICF/ORC providers until November 7.
  • The Alliance for Full Participation employment initiative in cooperation with ODP and the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation has a work group which is developing a survey for Supports Coordinators. PCPA member, Familylinks’ Michelle Sipple, is a member of this work group. Familylinks and Partnership for Community Supports in Philadelphia will pilot the survey to determine changes needed before finalization.
  • On October 26 ODP released information regarding changes to the provider self-reporting training webcast, provider monitoring tool for new providers, and provider monitoring guidelines. On the training webcast slide 16 has been updated, new providers tool updated instructions and question #3, guidelines question# 7 source document removed, questions # 27 and #28 new source document is Info Memo #079-12, and questions #76 and #83 numbering error corrected.
  • ODP Updates are available at www.odpconsulting.net:
    • Staff development course calendar for November available for White Haven and Selinsgrove Centers.
    • Informational Packet #098-12: ODP Procedure for Residential Vacancy Management Effective Immediately. Packet includes process to be used to notify AE of individual who created the residential vacancy and timelines for ODP, provider, AE, and SCO to ensure vacancy is accepted by most appropriate individual.
    • Informational Packet #099-12: Waiver Renewal Implementation ISP Manual Replacement Page. Section 14 of ISP Manual had an error regarding services for relatives and legal guardians and has been corrected.

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