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IDD Update
November 21, 2012

Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) Acting Deputy Secretary Fred Lokuta has issued a Thanksgiving message (below) for all stakeholders.

Dear ODP Stakeholder,
This week we celebrate Thanksgiving – a time for each of us to think about the abundance of people, experiences and things for which we offer thanks.  For many of us, we recognize this gratitude in relation to family and friends – those who are special to us. We think about the past in terms of the special moments and events that have made this past year memorable.  We think about the changes that have occurred and how life differs as a result. 

For me Thanksgiving prompts consideration and thanks for the past, present and the future – a lifetime of Thanksgivings that look and feel similar; yet with each passing year, are layered with newness and revitalization.  I also take this opportunity to consider the Thanksgiving experiences of our friends  with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. 

The days throughout the year that are set aside to recognize special events or other meaningful occasions help all of us to focus our attention on their meaning.  We often celebrate these days by gathering with family and friends - sharing our time with those who are special to us.  The “feel” of each holiday has its own identity shaped by memories past. 

As we celebrate this Thanksgiving, I ask each of you to consider all of the self-advocates who live among us and those that we support.  During this holiday season are they surrounded by others who are not “paid” to be part of their lives?  How would they define the “specialness” that each holiday brings?  Do they look forward to these special days with anticipation, or are they just like every other day that passes?  Does each person have the opportunity to participate in creating that unique feeling that each holiday brings? 

During this Thanksgiving holiday please join me in giving thanks to those with special needs who ask very little of others and give back in ways that cannot be measured.  On this day please take a moment to consider the magnitude of the work that we do and how our efforts directly impact the lives of others.  Please join me in helping to create a vision for the future that enables each person to feel included, accepted and recognized for the uniqueness and diversity that he/she brings.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone – I am thankful for all that you do.

Fred C. Lokuta    

ODP has released the following available at www.odpconsulting.net:

  • Announcement #102-12: ODP HCSIS Services and Supports Directory Reminder. Providers offering waiver program services must sign up for the services in the Services and Supports Directory by December 31. Residential eligible and transportation trip cost-based services will be assigned by ODP based on the 55 PA Code Chapter 51.72 regulations.
  • Informational Memo #103-12: Clarification to ODP Communication #098-12 ODP Procedure for Residential Vacancy Management Effective Immediately.

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