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IDD Updates - Week of December 12, 2011
December 12, 2011

The Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) provided an overview of the “Consolidated and P/FDS Waiver Renewal Process and Proposed Revisions” at the Medical Assistance Advisory Committee. The office has indicated it will be disseminating for a two-week comment period, a side-by-side document listing the items that ODP is changing in the waiver renewals. Several additional anticipated changes, beyond those provided in the PCPA IDD Update last week, include:

  • Appendix B: Reserving a waiver spot for individuals in medical/rehabilitation care beyond 30 days to prevent discharge from the waiver and having to reapply.
  • Appendix C: Looking at level of acuity rather than size of home. Intent to tie the Supports Intensity Scale to program need and design.
  • Moving all services except residential eligible and transportation trip to a fee schedule effective July 1, 2012.
  • Development of a statewide occupancy factor.

Please take time to review the waiver revisions. PCPA will forward the ODP side-by-side comparison document as soon as it’s released. Comments and recommendations will be important as the association works with ODP through this transition phase to the next years of the waivers, which renew July 1, 2012.

ODP’s Balanced Scorecard” is being developed for the Department of Public Welfare for internal use by each department as a component of quality management initiatives. One change would be that Administrative Entities would not submit individual annual Quality Improvement Plans, but work from ODP’s Quality Improvement Plan.

PCPA has requested ODP participation at the January 17, 2012 IDD Committee meeting. Linda Drummond will alert members when that is confirmed. However, waiver renewal comments may be required for submission to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services before the meeting.

PCPA is finalizing the agenda for the January 17 IDD Committee Meeting to be held at the Sheraton Harrisburg/Hershey. Please note the new location for PCPA committee meetings. The discounted rate for the Sheraton is $129 per night plus tax and this rate will only be available until December 27. Reservation cancellations must be made at least 72 hours in advance to avoid a one-night charge. Effective January 1, PCPA will no longer have a negotiated rate at the Holiday Inn (formerly Comfort Suites) or the Radisson. Also, boxed lunches will no longer be available. When you receive the formal Meeting Notice, please be sure to RSVP by January 12 so we can be assured of enough seating at the hotel.

The 11:00 a.m. session at the IDD Committee will be presented by webinar since the speakers are in Oregon. “Developing Individualized Resource Allocation Systems” will be presented by the Human Services Research Institute (HRSI). ODP has already met with HSRI to discuss how to develop this kind of system, which will most likely use an assessment tool such as the SIS in developing each person’s budget. Please take a few minutes to browse the HSRI web site, review the publications they have developed, and be prepared with questions (www.hsri.org).   

Attached is a copy of the IDA Coalition Press Release issued after the Tuesday, December 13, House Human Services Committee hearing on the ODP Payment Issues. If you are interested in watching the video of the hearing it is available at http://genedigirolamo.com/Video.aspx

The Republic newspaper in Idaho reported December 14 that a federal judge has ruled that the Idaho Department of Welfare must increase Medicaid payments for specific services for persons with developmental disabilities. Five agencies filed suit contending the state kept provider rates at the 2006 level. According to the suit the Medicaid law on rates says they must incorporate the actual cost of providing a service.
This link to the Philadelphia Inquirer “PA’s Drop in Medicaid Rolls Stirs Controversy” connects to an article in response to issues occurring following the Department of Public Welfares cutting over 100,000 individuals from Medicaid eligibility. PCPA is seeking information from members regarding the impact of this on individuals. Have any been notified of ineligibility? http://www.philly.com/philly/news/breaking/20111214_Pa_s_drop_in_Medicaid_rolls_stirs_controversy.html

PCPA is serving on the Alliance for Full Participation SCO Subcommittee that is developing a survey to be sent to SCOs. The survey is to determine the types of training which would be helpful to supports coordinators to encourage and emphasize employment options for individuals with intellectual disability. It is also reviewing service definitions related to employment supports and would appreciate recommendations from providers. Please share your recommendations by December 30 with Linda Drummond (linda@paproviders.org).

ODP has released the following which are available at www.odpconsulting.net:

  • Announcement #166-11: New Segments added to Video: Dennis’ Journey. Three new segments have been added to the video of Dennis, which promote the principles of Everyday Lives, relationship-building, and awareness of the talents and abilities of individuals with developmental disabilities.
  • Announcement #167-11: ODP Claims Resolution Inquire Lines Business Hours: (866-386-8880), Monday through Thursday.
  • Announcement #168-11: PA’s Outcomes Training Live Sessions Rescheduled: Required ODP training for Calendar year 2011 for SCs, SC Supervisors and AE Staff
  • Announcement #169-11: Changed: 2011 ODP Required Training for SCs and SC Supervisors. Changes to final training requirements for 2011.
  • Announcement #170-11: Submission of ODP Provider Self Reporting Tool. Deadline for submitting the Provider Self Reporting Tool is December 30, at 5:00 p.m.

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