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ID Update #09-04: ODP Waiver Amendments, ODP Service Definition and Services and Supports Directory Changes, ODP Letter to Families on Rates, Services Definitions and Procedure Code Changes on HCSIS, Waiver Service Request Form and Process Details
May 11, 2009

Waiver Amendments
The Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) has posted on www.odpconsulting.net the amendments to the Person/Family Directed Support Waiver and the Consolidated Waiver effective July 1.  This information is also available from this link.

Service Definitions and SSD Changes
ODP has provided additional information and clarification regarding the FY 2009/10 service definitions and summary of the impact on updating the Services and Support Directory (SSD) in HCSIS. The analysis provides detail on adding procedure codes, adding new codes for overnight respite in licensed residential habilitation, the addition of respite and family aid services codes for base-funded services, changes to the respite ineligible codes, and the National Provider Identifier (NPI) number needed for unbundled nursing or therapy services.  This information is available at PCPA from a link to this Info.

ODP Letter to Families
ODP Deputy Secretary Casey has sent a letter to individuals and families regarding the provider payment rates for FY 2009/10.  This is the first in a series of letters to keep families informed regarding changes and how providers will be funded and assisted with revenues. Each provider will be sent its “revenue target” during the first week of June. ODP is also indicating that providers experiencing cash flow issues will be assisted with a “special” payment to ensure continuity of services for individuals. Providers will also have the option of “appealing” their rates if they disagree with those presented by ODP.

ODP Service Definition Changes on HCSIS and Chart
On April 21, changes were made to the current list of available services and procedure codes on HCSIS. These changes will be confirmed in a revision to ODP Bulletin #00-08-17, but will be included in HCSIS now to facilitate the completion of FY 2009/10 Individual Support Plans.

The letter and chart of changes are available from the links and include:

  • Addition of four procedure codes for licensed residential providers to offer overnight 24-hour respite where there is a temporary vacancy in a residential habilitation home.
  • A modifier added to participant-directed services provided through an Agency With Choice Financial Management Service.
  • New provider type/specialty combinations added including special diet preparation, transportation, and home finding.

Waiver Service Requests
ODP Informational Packet #004-09  provides information regarding Waiver Service Requests, the Request Form, and Attachment 2 on How to Process and Review Waiver Service Requests. This information provides clarification to Supports Coordinators and Administrative Entities regarding Individual Support Plan requests for modifications and new services.  The ODP Regional Office will conduct the service review of appeals by waiver participants to ensure the appeal actions are in compliance with the regulations, waivers, the state Medicaid Plan, and applicable bulletins.

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