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Procedures Available to Correct Duplications in Incident Management
October 8, 2002

From the Office of Mental Retardation: Following is a new HCSIS bit regarding the Deletion of Duplicate Incidents and Certified Investigators. Please disregard the HCSIS bit sent October 4 at 10:00 a.m. and replace it with this corrected information. If you have any questions, please let Jeanine Zlockie know. Thank you!

Procedure for the Deletion of Duplicate Incidents and Certified Investigators Deletion of Duplicate Incident Management Records

Calls for deletion of duplicate incident management records must be filtered from the provider or county (if the county entered the duplicate) through the HCSIS Help Desk at 866-444-1264.

Information communicated from the provider or the county to the Help Desk includes:

  • Incident number to be deleted
  • Name of the individual to whom it pertains
  • Primary type of incident reported
  • Date of incident
  • Justification/rationale for deletion
  • Information regarding the incident that will remain in HCSIS (incident number, name of individual, primary nature of incident, date of incident)

Help Desk employees will enter the above information into the Automated Tracking System (ATS) and refer it to the designated point person from the appropriate regional office for research through ATS assignment:

  • Central: Ronald Purtle
  • Northeast: Robert Conklin
  • Southeast: Greg Pirmann
  • Western: Paul Fronko

Regional Point Person will research the duplicate incident (same date, location, individual, category, etc.) to ensure that it is actually duplicate record. Regional Point Person or Regional Program Manager will approve or deny the deletion. If approved, the regional office will contact the Help Desk via ATS, indicating exactly which duplicate record should be deleted. The region will assign the call by completing the Call Assignment to the Help Desk employee who took the original call and logged it into ATS.

The region will make comments in the notes section of the call and will provide the correct information (accurate date, time, location, etc.) to the Help Desk if necessary. If denied, the region will inform the Help Desk, using the procedure outlined above and advise the provider/requestor.

Deletion/Changes of Certified Investigator

Same processes as above.

In addition, the regional office should have justification in writing or e-mail for the change of certified investigator from the provider or county. The provider or county should include the name of the new certified investigator.

The Regional Point Person or Program Manager will approve or deny and forward information to the Help Desk via ATS. The requestor will be notified by the regional office of the approval or denial.

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