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OMR Releases Draft ISO Bulletin and Guidelines
May 8, 2003

The Office of Mental Retardation (OMR) released the draft bulletin Intermediary Service Organizations (ISOs) and the Guidelines for Operating a Vendor Fiscal/Employer Agent and Agency with Choice Intermediary Service Organizations (ISOs). Comments on the draft bulletin are requested by July 6 and should be directed to Christina Govier, Division of Policy, chgovier@state.pa.us.

OMR states that the guidelines may be utilized immediately. They caution that there are some significant changes to this policy, based on input from consumers and families and county government. Specific changes noted in the cover letter sent with the drafts are: the elimination of the provision for conflict free entities and the requirement for counties to offer both the Fiscal/Employer Agent ISO and the Agency with Choice ISO.

In spite of OMR neglecting to mention provider input and comments on the ISO Bulletin, PCPA did send a four-page letter on the first draft bulletin. One of our comments was that it was unnecessary to have a “firewall” between traditional agency-based MR services and ISO services, since any conflicts would be addressed through traditional monitoring, audits, and evaluations. PCPA is pleased that the requirement for conflict free entities was eliminated.

Copies of the bulletin and guidelines will be posted when they become available and may be obtained from Lynn Keltz at PCPA. The bulletin is 11 pages and the guidelines are about 1.5 inches thick. PCPA members who have comments on this latest draft ISO bulletin and the draft guidelines may send them to Lynn Keltz.

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