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Invitation to Qualify (ITQ) Implementation Postponed
February 20, 2003

The Office of Mental Retardation (OMR) has decided to postpone statewide implementation of the ITQ, which was scheduled to begin July 2003 on a voluntary basis.

During the process of registering people for the ITQ 101 presentation, OMR heard more concerns and questions about the ITQ process. Those concerns include the extent of the qualification criteria, staff resources needed to implement ITQ, and the cost of meeting the qualifications. OMR will take time to again review stakeholder needs, reaching out to as many stakeholders as possible.

Field testing the current ITQ Criteria will probably occur in order to obtain more information on the efficacy of this approach. OMR recognized the work of the ITQ Requirements Team and expressed appreciation to all of the members. The ITQ team members will continue to be involved in this process.

ITQ 101 Presentation Cancelled

OMR is canceling the two-hour training sessions for consumers and their families, counties and providers about the Invitation to Qualify (ITQ) process. It will be rescheduled as appropriate.

Quality Management Workshops To Be Held as Scheduled

The Quality Management Planning and Methodology workshops that support the development of quality management plans and processes, scheduled for March through June, will continue as planned. Registration will be handled as announced in brochure: Contract Consultants, Inc. (800-459-1838 or 717-731-6770).

For a copy of the OMR Notice, please contact Lynn Keltz. Questions and concerns about ITQ and the decision to delay implementation can be directed to Kathy Wisser, Provider Relations Coordinator (717-214-7130).

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