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HCSIS Bit: Incident Information for Providers
July 26, 2002

(provided by the Office of Mental Retardation)

This bit is intended to provide you with information regarding:

  • Problems you have been experiencing related to Incident Reporting and Consumer Demographics
  • The solution and date when HCSIS changes will go into effect

Consumer Demographics
Issue: Providers reported that consumers were not known to HCSIS.

Solution: Currently, the HCSIS consumer database does not contain all of the consumer records. We are planning to populate the database with all consumers (except the EI children) beginning October 1, 2002. Complete consumer demographic records, ones that contain the consumer/provider relationships will significantly reduce the frequency that providers will need to enter a temporary demographic record into HCSIS when reporting incidents.

Consumer/Provider Relationship
Issue: On the consumer-provider relationship screen the county user is unable to select the provider's site because the provider name, not the provider site is listed on the provider location drop-down.

Solution: On Friday, June 28, 2002 the Consumer-Provider Relationship screen located in Demographics was modified to resolve several problems identified by the County Programs. The screen now captures the Consumer-Provider relationship rather than the Consumer-Provider Site relationship.

Providers were asked not to delete sites because that would disconnect the consumer-provider relationship in HCSIS. Providers now may eliminate sites without invalidating the Consumer-Provider Relationship.

Temporary Consumer-Provider Relationship Screen Change:
Issue: On the temporary Consumer-Provider Relationship screen the provider is unable to select the site because the provider name, not the provider site, is listed on the provider location drop-down. The provider location name is the same for all the provider's sites.

Solution: The provider location field will be deleted from the temporary consumer-provider relationship screen. The screen will now capture the Consumer-Provider relationship rather than the Consumer-Provider site relationship. This change will be completed July 18, 2002.

Initial Notification and Incident Report Changes:
Issue: Provider location in the initial notification and the incident report listed the providers name and was the same for all of the provider's sites.

Solution: On these screens we will implement a fix that will display the provider location, address and city in the drop down box instead of the providers name. Site detail remains on this screen so that incidents may be associated to provider sites. To fix the incidents that have already been entered, that may or may not contain the correct site due to the existing problem, we will be converting all existing records to the provider's default site which will be displayed as "site not specified" on the Incident Classification and Incident Reclassification screens. This change will be completed by July 18, 2002.

IM reports that providers can filter on location will also be consistent with the above changes and implemented on July 18, 2002.

Providers creating new incidents:
Issue: Provider cannot see the "add new individual button" on the IM data entry screen.

Solution: Currently, when a new consumer is "added" during the clearance process by using the "add" new individual button, the Consumer-Provider relationship is created. When a Provider Entered Consumer is "linked" to the person's existing demographic record the county needs to add the Consumer-Provider relationship.

The linking process will be modified to set the relationship of the existing consumer to the incident-entering provider's main site. Part of this fix will be to update any consumer provider relationship for people who were previously linked by the county where a relationship to the incident-entering provider does not exist. This change will also be completed by July 18, 2002. Site addresses will default to the main site.

Providers should assure that of all their organizations and county programs they do business in are aware of their provider sign up name in HCSIS.

Provider corrections to address information, to add missing sites, correct addresses is completed in HCSIS provider access.

Duplicate Providers:
Issue: The HCSIS conversion process and provider sign up created duplicate provider records in HCSIS.

Solution: The clean up process has been on-going and we are handling any further identified issues on a case by case basis by contacting the help desk at 1-866-444-1264.

Incident Management Provider Identification:
Issue: The Incident Management Provider identification process had been at the site level. Providers were unable to accurately identify the site address in the process and as a result were unable to relate themselves to a consumer.

Solution: This process has been changed and we are no longer capturing the provider site.

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