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PCPA Releases Conflict-Free/BSU and 4300s Papers
December 14, 2002

The Office of Mental Retardation (OMR) has released numerous draft and final bulletins and guidelines during the development of the changes termed "The Transformation Project." PCPA has provided comments on most of these documents and has researched two of the issues in depth.

The Revision of Definition of Conflict Free Providers for Targeted Service Management Bulletin raised questions among providers about the Commonwealth's ability to force Base Service Units to offer either services or Supports Coordination, but to no longer do both. The result of research on the regulations and MH/MR Act of 1966 resulted in The Base Service Units In Relation to MH/MR Act and Chapter 4210 Regulations: A Pennsylvania Community Providers Association Issues and Research Paper.

A second major issue in Transformation discussions has been the need to change and adapt the 4300 Fiscal Regulations to meet the needs of the proposed transition from program funding to a prospective payment, rate setting system. A work group of PCPA members developed 4300s for Transformation: A Pennsylvania Community Providers Association Issues Paper. This addresses issues discussed by the Financial Requirements Team, as well as PCPA concerns.

Both papers areavailable from the links above or from Lynn Keltz.

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