RCPA - Rehabilitation and Community Providers Association


LB&FC Requests Anecdotes About Persons with MR Needing Protective Services
March 29, 2003

Staff of the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee (LB&FC) attended the March MR Committee Meeting to obtain ideas and suggestions for their study on the possibility of creating an Adult Protective Services Act (APSA). Committee members related instances where people are being neglected, abused, and/or taken advantage of financially. Providers and Supports Coordinators have been asked to assist in these situations, but in general, there is little that can be done when people are living in the community with friends and relatives. There was discussion about where Incident Management is useful and where there needs to be a legal authority for someone to address difficult situations. It was also pointed out that duplication of paperwork and confusion about authority, such as that created by the Older Adult Protective Services Act, must be avoided if a new law is written, passed and implemented.

There are no statistics kept by any specific agencies about the need for the APSA, as it is described in House Resolution 590 directing the LB&FC to do the study. To address this issue, MR providers are asked to send anecdotes either to Bob Frymoyer, bfrymoyer@lbfc.legis.state.pa.us or to Lynn Keltz, who will forward them. Other ideas and concerns on the issue of developing an APSA will also be welcomed. HR 590 can be obtained from Lynn Keltz.

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