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Mental Retardation Update #04-06
February 21, 2004

HCSIS Release 3.2.2 will go live February 21. This includes:

  • ISP changes
  • New IM4Q Survey Summary
  • Provider Access Changes

HCSIS Release 3.2.3 will go live March 11. This includes:

  • ISO Sort by Provider
  • Effective Dates of ISO with Services

Incident Management
The Incident Management Bulletin will be effective February 28. The bulletin is available from the link below.

Three Incident Management (IM) web based training courses will be posted on the Learning Management System (LMS) for:

  • Basics of IM
  • IM Management Review
  • IM Certified Investigation

For details on the HCSIS information, please access the HCSIS Project Update.

MR Bulletins

  1. Mental Retardation Bulletin #6000-04-01 is the finalized Incident Management document that becomes effective February 28. The bulletin establishes the policy processes for incident reporting, investigating, corrective action, and implementing quality improvement.
  2. Mental Retardation Bulletin #00-04-06, effective July 1, informs county MH/MR programs of revised cost centers to be used in conjunction with the other requirements of the Account Structure Manual for County MH/MR Programs. The revised cost centers apply only to mental retardation services and are based on the new service definitions in MR Bulletin #00-03-12.


  1. ADA Web Course: “ADA Basic Building Blocks” is an introductory web course on the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 that explores the legal requirements and spirit of the law. The course covers 12 topics (purpose, structure, enforcement, issues, titles) and may be taken for CEU credits. For details access www.adabasics.org.
  2. Families Future Planning: “Family Handbook on Future Planning” is a handbook to guide families through the future planning process for their children with disabilities to provide personal, financial, and legal protections after the parents either die or can not longer provide care or support. This is a guide to reviewing the needs and strengths of the individual and resources to locate qualified professionals to finalize the plan. Download a free copy from www.thearc.org/publications/futureplanninghandbook.doc.
  3. Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured has published several new reports available at www.kff.org/medicaid/kcmu012704pkg.cfm.
    Reports include:
    States Respond to Fiscal Pressure: A 50 State Update on Medicaid Spending Growth Cost Containment Actions;
    State Responses to Budget Crisis in 2004: An Overview of Ten States; and
    Is the State Fiscal Crisis Over? A 2004 State Budget Update.


  1. February 27, 10:00 a.m. at Philadelphia City Hall: PA House Health and Human Services Committee and the Aging and Older Adults Services Committee will host public hearing regarding quality and safety in long term care facilities.
  2. March 16, 3:00 p.m. Teleconference Call: Supporting Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities to Transition to and Participate in Postsecondary Education. Session will address benefits of postsecondary education, barriers to transition, and how to enhance transition to postsecondary access. To participate dial 703-871-3650 and refer to the “NCSET Teleconference Call.” Participants pay long distance phone charges to the 703 area code. For details contact the National Center on Secondary Education and Transition at www.ncset.org.
  3. March 29 – April 9 throughout Pennsylvania: Office of Vocational Rehabilitation will hold annual statewide public meetings to allow citizens to offer recommendations to the state’s Combined Agency State Plan. Oral and written testimony may be provided. For details contact the local Office of Vocational Rehabilitation or email lforbrich@state.pa.us.
  4. October 5 - 8 at Seven Springs Mountain Resort, Champion, PA: PCPA Annual Conference, Focus on the Future. The Call for Presentations has been released. Deadline for responding is March 9. Questions may be directed to Kris Ericson, Conference Coordinator.

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