RCPA - Rehabilitation and Community Providers Association


Mental Retardation Update #04-13
April 21, 2004

HCSIS Update
HCSIS Release 3.2.5 will go live on May 11. The highlights include:

  • Ability to track success of outcomes on the ISP,
  • Service definition and procedure code added for ISO administrative services, and
  • Two new reports added: Outcome Tracking and Provider Service status.

For additional information access a copy of the update.

Keystone Housing Initiative
A statewide housing partnership between Pennsylvania and the federal mortgage giant Fannie Mae has resulted in a $32 billion Keystone Housing Initiative. The money is expected to provide mortgage financing for at least 250,000 families through 2007. It includes plans to expand the use of Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency grants to pay for house modifications for people with special needs.

Tax Facts
TAX FACTS is a national outreach campaign for tax and financial education for people with disabilities, their families, and employers. This is a three-year project to build knowledge and utilization of favorable tax provisions and financial education. There are a variety of government sponsored programs such as the IRS LifeCycle Services and the FDIC’s Money Smart Financial Education Program that provide services for low-income individuals. Materials on these two programs will be disseminated during October - National Disability Month. Many employers are unaware of the tax incentives for hiring persons with disabilities. For additional information contact the Law, Health Policy and Disability Center at www.disability.law.uiowa.edu.

Positive Approaches: Supporting People with Challenging Behaviors. May 5 in Northumberland and May 7 in Monroeville. For details contact the OMR Statewide Training Initiative through Contract Consultants at 800-459-1838.

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