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MR Update #04-15: Incident Management Training, HCSIS Reports, Health Career Centers, PROMISe
May 6, 2004

Incident Management Training
Office of Mental Retardation (OMR) Regional Offices will conduct statewide trainings for providers and counties regarding the Incident Management reports required beginning in August 2004. There will be at least one practice-year for providers to use and refine these forms and reports. The trainings (See MR Update #04-14 or the May 2004 Provider News for dates) will focus on a review and completion of the Providers Quarterly Standard Form, Providers EZ Form, and County Semi-Annual Form. Topics will address how to complete the reporting templates, how to use HCSIS data, and how this ties into quality management. If you have not received or electronically accessed a copy of the training schedule and registration form, please contact Linda Drummond at PCPA.

The total number of incident’s reported during 2003 were 54,687. The total number of 24-hour incidents reported was 30,455. The total number of 72-hour incidents reported was 24,232. Certified investigation data shows: 1,340 investigations were done in 2003 and 2,645 certified investigators are trained.

HCSIS Update
Release 3.3.0 will go live on June 19 with information regarding:

  • ISP changes to support Financial Management,
  • Ability to change start and end dates of draft plans, and
  • Enhancements to IM Target Report.

Release 3.2.5 will go live on May 11 with information regarding:

  • Ability to track success of outcomes on the ISP,
  • Service definition and procedure code added to ISO Administrative Services,
  • Providers can remove service offerings after Requested Services are deleted from ISP, and
  • New Provider Service Status Report

For additional information call the Help Desk at 866-444-1264. A copy of the update is attached.

HCSIS Reports
The following reports are available from HCSIS:

  • Corrective Action Items
  • Incidents by Consumer Detail
  • Incidents by Process Status
  • Medication Error Report
  • Multiple Reports during Interval
  • Optionally Reportable Events Detail
  • Outcome of Investigation Report
  • Restraints Detail Report
  • Target Report
  • Aging Incident Report
  • Incident Case Status Report
  • Incident Counts
  • Multiple Incidents by Consumer Summary
  • Optionally Reportable Events Summary

Health Career Centers
Governor Rendell announced the creation of the Pennsylvania Center for Health Careers to address the critical shortage in nursing and other healthcare careers. The centers will serve as a catalyst to develop action-oriented strategies to address the state’s short- and long-term healthcare workforce challenges. In its first year the center will address four key areas:

  • Provide financial assistance to students and educational programs,
  • Create career ladders in healthcare,
  • Help employers retain healthcare workers, and
  • Establish aregional direct care workforce center pilot project.

Sandi Vito, Deputy Secretary for Workforce Development in the Department of Labor and Industry is overseeing coordination of workforce strategies across multiple state agencies. The Health Career Center will be coordinated by the Pennsylvania Workforce Investment Board, led by Executive Director Fred Dedrick and directed by a private/public Leadership Council.

PROMISe Pilots
The four counties (Berks, Dauphin, Delaware, Westmoreland) implementing the PROMISe pilot projects beginning in June may be joined by two additional counties requesting to be pilots starting in June 2005. According to OMR Director of Mental Retardation Program Support Joe Gualtier:

  • Counties will negotiate interim rates with providers during the pilot years.
  • All counties will need to look at the rate-setting process,
  • OMR will not implement changes until issues are resolved.
  • To support pilot counties OMR will still receive their funding as currently done so providers can be paid and won’t experience any financial problems due to the project.

The Philadelphia Department of Public Health has issued a request for proposal for the Children With Special Health Care Needs Community Activity Grant for community-based systems of care for children with special health care needs and their families. The applicant must be a non-profit community-based group located and targeting the population in Philadelphia. Maximum grant will be $5,000 and the grant application is due by June 15. For details contact Nick Claxton at 215-685-5232 or nick.claxton@phila.gov.

May 12 at 12:00 p.m.: Covering the Uninsured in America panel discussion about the problem of uninsured children and adults will be held at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. For details contact Shelly Krycia at 215-349-5137.

May 18 at 12:00 p.m.: Workforce Opportunities web cast addressing turning the upcoming workforce shortages into opportunities for people with disabilities. Participation limited to first 200 registrations. For details contact www.onestops.info or 888-886-9898 or email contacts@onestops.info.

May 19 at 8:30 a.m.: Addressing Community Opposition to Affordable Housing at Temple University’s Harrisburg Campus in Strawberry Square. For details contact Housing Alliance of PA, 215-576-7044 or KateC@HousingAlliancePA.org.

June 17 at Harrisburg Hilton: Forum on the Power of the Disability Vote will be a full-day conference to address coordinating election and voting related activities; update on Help America Vote Act; and assessing voting campaign materials. For details contact Joan Martin, UCP of PA, (jmartin@ucpofpa.org).

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