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MR Update #04-28: HCSIS Update, Rally, IM Bulletin, Provider Qualifications, and Resources
September 27, 2004

HCSIS Update
HCSIS Release 3.3.3 will go live on October 2. Highlights include:

  • IM4Q 2004/05 cycle data available
  • Funded amount added to Service Details screen
  • ISP state and end dates on Service Details screen
  • Service name will display on Vendor Services screen
  • Multiple draft ISPs for one individual will be accepted
  • Update and training materials posted on Learning Management Services link (www.humanservices-r.state.pa.us/HCSISLMS)

In August, the Office of Mental Retardation (OMR) began to pilot HCSIS Financial Management functionality and PROMISe billing in four counties. As of September 17 over 1,700 claim details have been processed with a 90% payment rate.

Remote Data Entry (RDE) is the ability to enter HCSIS data while offline and later upload the information automatically to the online system. Starting in October, the first phase of the RDE will be piloted by all supports coordinators in the Philadelphia SC entities.

Waiting List Rally
Pennsylvania self advocates and families will hold a rally on October 19 at 1:30 p.m. at the Capitol Rotunda in Harrisburg to demand that the Rendell Administration “End the Waiting List for Persons Who Need Mental Retardation Services”. The message will be:

  • Sufficient funds to end the “Emergency Waiting List” and
  • A COLA to sustain the community services already in place.

For details on attending contact: PA Waiting List Campaign at 877-372-WAIT or The Arc of PA at 800-692-7258.

IM Report Bulletin
OMR’s Mental Retardation bulletin on Provider and County Incident Management Report Template has been put on hold to allow further review and analysis. As part of the feedback analysis, OMR would like all providers to pilot the report template in its current design.

DPW Web Site
the Department of Public Welfare (DPW) has revised its web site and is looking for feedback on the new design. Please take a few minutes to visit the DPW and OMR sites at www.dpw.state.pa.us and let Linda Drummond know comments on these revisions.

Provider Qualifications
OMR has established a committee of advocates, consumers, families, counties, and providers to address “Provider Qualifications” for providing services in the Commonwealth. PCPA members may send suggestions regarding what these qualifications may include to Linda Drummond.

ODEP Emergency Preparedness
The Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) in the US Department of Labor has released a report summarizing the proceedings from a seminar on “Emergency Preparedness for People with Disabilities.” The report focuses on:

  • Communication with employees
  • Agency budget and personnel commitment
  • Flexibility, and
  • Practice.

For a copy access www.dol.gov/odep/pubs/ep/index.htm.

Governor’s Employment Conference
The Governor’s Committee on the Employment of People with Disabilities will hold its 51st annual conference on November 3 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Harrisburg. It’s OK to Employ Productive Workers! will feature sessions on how employers can add value to their workplace by hiring people with disabilities. For information contact Carl Marshall at 800-442-6351 or cmarshall@state.pa.us.

1. Dental Care: National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research has released a new publication series, Practical Oral Care for People with Developmental Disabilities: Making a Difference. The series provides information to help dentists with basic information to provide oral care to people with mild or moderate developmental disabilities. For information access www.nohic.nidcr.nih.gov or call 301-402-7364.
2. Employment Services: Brief addressing non-work services furnished to adults with developmental disabilities, When Existing Jobs Don’t Fit: A Guide to Job Creation. For a copy access www.communityinclusion.org/publicaitons/pdf/rp39.pdf.
3. Law Enforcement: Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Series has published a pamphlet and pocket-card to help law enforcement personnel communicate and interact with individuals with mental retardation and other developmental disabilities. For a copy of the pamphlet access www.ocjs.ohio.gov/Publications/MRDD%208.28.pdf; for the pocket-card access www.ocjs.ohio.gov/Publications/MRcard%208.28.pdf.

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