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MR Update #05-11: Respite Bulletin, HCSIS Update, and ADA Anniversary
May 31, 2005

MR Bulletin Update
The Office of Mental Retardation has issued a new Mental Retardation Bulletin (#00-05-02) effective immediately. This bulletin addresses an approved waiver amendment to the Person/Family Directed Support (P/FDS) waiver allowing for the provision of respite services in states contiguous to Pennsylvania. By adhering to the standards and certifications outlined in Pennsylvania’s P/FDS waiver, the states of New York, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, Delaware, and West Virginia may offer respite services to Pennsylvania residents. For a copy of the bulletin contact Linda Drummond at PCPA.

HCSIS Update
HCSIS Release 5.1.0 goes live on June 16 and offers these highlights:

  • Financial management functionality to 14 additional counties,
  • As of July 1 mental retardation providers from 18 counties will be filing claims through PROMISe, and
  • ISP field sizes increased.

Other issues include:

  • The local HCSIS administrator and the HCSIS Help Desk must be notified when a user will no longer be using his/her account.
  • Supports Coordination alerts expire in 14 days.
  • Office of Social Programs providers in central and eastern regions are now using HCSIS, those in the western region will begin using HCSIS on June 6

For a copy of the update contact Linda Drummond at PCPA.

15th ADA Anniversary
July 26 will be the 15th anniversary of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Statistics show that:

  • 8% of boys and 4% of girls ages 5 - 15 have disabilities,
  • 12% of men and 11% of women ages 16 - 64 have disabilities, and
  • 38% of men and 42% of women 65 and older have disabilities.

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