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MR Update #05-19: Rate Setting Draft Bulletin, Waiver Services Definitions, IM Trainings, Recruitment and Retention Workshops, Emergency Planning Seminar, Healthcare Workshop, EI Rates Forums, and Medications Administration Trainings
September 27, 2005

Draft MR Bulletin and Definitions
The Office of Mental Retardation’s (OMR) work groups addressing federal consolidated waiver renewal issues have released two documents for public comment. For copies contact Linda Drummond at PCPA.

1. Service Definitions offer a comparison between the existing services and those to be offered in revisions to the waiver. Member comments are due to Lisa Oberdorf (loberdorf@state.pa.us) at OMR by October 3, with a copy to Linda Drummond at PCPA by September 28 to be included in the association’s response.
2. The draft OMR Rate Setting Bulletin and Guidelines are available for public comment, which are due by October 8 to Joe Gualtier (jgualtier@state.pa.us) at OMR, with a copy to Linda Drummond by September 28.

IM Report Trainings
The state has posted additional files/documents on the Learning Management System (LMS) on HCSIS for the training on the Development of Incident Management (IM) Analysis Reports. There are a total of nine files available. Providers must have assigned the role of Quality Management Manager to a staff in order to sign-up for the training and download the files. Trainings will be held across the state to receive the necessary information for the semi-annual Incident Management Analysis Report templates. For additional information contact the HCSIS Help Desk at 866-444-1264.

Recruitment and Retention Strategies
The Office of Mental Retardation is sponsoring the workshop, "If You Want Me to Stay: Staff Recruitment and Retention Strategies" at various locations across the state. The workshop will be conducted by Sheryl Larson and Amy Hewitt, University of Minnesota. Details and registration is through OMR’s Consulting Services at ocs_registrationsrr@tiu11.org, attention Becky Roberts.

  • October 12, PaTTAN, Harrisburg
  • October 14, Sheraton Pittsburgh North, Mars
  • November 8, Luzerne Community College, Nanticoke
  • November 10, Montgomery County Community College, Blue Bell

Emergency Planning
An Emergency and Disaster Survival Toolkit seminar is being offered by Human Works Training Services. This seminar provides information to learn what it takes to ensure an organization’s survival in the event of a disaster. Scheduled for November 21 at Sheraton Lehigh Valley, Allentown, the cost is $79.99. For details contact HWTES, Inc., 570-646-5057 or www.HWTES.com.

Certified Investigators
The Office of Mental Retardation’s Certified Investigators web site (www.omrinvestigators.com) has added information regarding the subscription classes which individual providers have contracted to be taught and can accommodate other organizations that have a need to train additional staff.

Special Needs Health Care
Improving Health Services for People with Mental Retardation, Developmental Disabilities, and Other Special Health Care Needs is a free conference being offered October 27 at the Hershey Lodge, Hershey. Sponsored by the Pennsylvania Academy of Family Physicians, additional information is available at www.pafp.com/MedicalHome or by contacting Jolene Holtzapple (joleneh@longmgt.com).

EI Rate Setting Practices
The state’s Office of Child Development is working towards establishing mandatory practices for establishing, verifying, and report rates for eligible early intervention (EI) services. Trainings will be provided to ensure consistent implementation of a framework for rate setting practices. Trainings are scheduled across the state in October and November. For details contact Rebecca Roberts, IU#11, EITA_RegistrationsRR@tiu11.org.

OMR Medications Trainings
The Office of Mental Retardation (OMR) has offered to provide new Medications Administration course trainings to existing trainers at agency sites. The on-site trainings would require registration and logistics support from the provider agency. OMR can only train a maximum of 26 staff at one time. If you are interested in holding training at your agency, contact OMR’s Dr. Jill Morrow-Gorton at jmorrowgor@state.pa.us for details.

CDS Users Group
The Office of Mental Retardation has scheduled a networking meeting of the College of Direct Support (CDS) provider and county users group for October 11 at PaTTAN, Harrisburg. For details and to register contact Rebecca Roberts at ocs_registrationsrr@tiu11.org.

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