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MR Update #05-23: Rate Setting Training, Recruitment and Retention Resources, Behavior Training, and HCSIS Update
December 20, 2005

Rate Setting Training
The Office of Mental Retardation (OMR) is offering statewide trainings on the Rate Setting Bulletin and the related spreadsheets in January and February 2006. The trainings are being offered during this period to allow counties and providers time to prepare for rate negations for FY 2006/07. The morning and afternoon sessions are oriented for counties and providers. The evening sessions are for individuals and families. For additional information email ocs_registrationsrr@tiu11.org or contact Linda Drummond at PCPA.

Recruitment and Retention
OMR has made arrangements to offer two discounted publications which address recruitment and retention of direct support professionals. Items are available from Rebecca Roberts, Tuscarora IU #11, 2527 US Highway 522 South, McVeytown, PA 17051 or rroberts@tiu11.org.

  • Staff Recruitment, Retention and Training Strategies ($24.50) and
  • Direct Support: A Realistic Job Preview DVD ($40).

Behavior Training
On June 24, 2006 at Friends Hospital, Philadelphia, BCMT Associates offers Challenging Behaviors: How Can I Help which is designed for individuals who support people with developmental disabilities. Cost is $50. For details contact BCMT Associates at BCMT2000@comcast.net.

HCSIS Update
HCSIS Release 5.3.0 goes live in early January 2006 and may be downloaded from the Learning Management System web site in late December. Issues addressed include those listed below.

  • Supports Coordination Monitoring indicates there are monitoring forms that appear to be complete in HCSIS but have not been submitted and marked as completed.
  • It is necessary to follow correct procedures when requesting a change to any eligibility information. Depending on the complexity of the requested change it could take two to six weeks to complete.
  • Beginning in April 2006 some of the content of PUNS and Supports Coordination Monitoring will be changing. Therefore, all in-progress documentation should be finalized by mid-March 2006.

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