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MR Update #06-04: OMR Web Cast, PUNs Trainings, Listserv for Services and Rate Setting Documents, HCSIS Update, Certified Investigators, and Long-Term Services
February 24, 2006

OMR Web Cast
The Office of Mental Retardation (OMR) presented two web cast forums on February 16. The sessions are now available for review at http://presenter.tiu11.org. The morning session addressed the current status of the state’s response to the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services regarding the consolidated waiver. The afternoon session focused on the revised Mental Retardation Bulletin on Supports Coordination.

PUNs Trainings
OMR has released a schedule for training regarding revisions to the Prioritization of Urgency of Needs for Services (PUNs) document, used as the initial intake into the mental retardation system. Training is being offered across the state during March in preparation for an April implementation of these revisions. All stakeholders are encouraged to participate. For an electronic copy of the registration form contact Linda Drummond at PCPA (linda@paproviders.org).

OMR Listserv
OMR has release several documents for providers and counties through its new listserv regarding service definitions, units of service, and budget development. The rate setting spreadsheets will be disseminated to providers and counties through this site February 24. OMR is requiring all counties/administrative entities and all providers of service to utilize the instructions, budget, rate setting worksheets, service definitions, and transaction codes posted on the listserv. For details on registering to receive listserv information see PCPA’s Mental Retardation Update #06-03.

HCSIS Update
HCSIS Release 5.4.0 will go live March 25. Highlights include:
• Addition of two new reports, PUNs Detail and Supports Coordination Monitoring Detail,
• New PUNs questions will be turned on April 4,
• Supports Coordination Monitoring functionality will be added, and
• Details available at HCSIS Information Link on the Learning Management System web site.

On July 1, 2005 the Early Intervention program transferred from OMR to the newly formed Office of Child Development. This required changes in the reassignment of responsibility for management of incidents submitted through HCSIS. Currently Incident Management Bulletin #6000-04-01 is still in effect, but will be revised in the near future to reflect changes specific to children ages 0-3.

Some provider information modified within the Provider Access module must be verified and cleared into HCSIS by the HelpDesk. To complete the verification process providers must fax documentation to the HelpDesk. This information is found in Appendix A in the Provider Updates Job Aid.

In order to comply with the consolidated waiver review, OMR has established a methodology that will allow rates to be set in a consistent manner statewide. Therefore, OMR is requiring that Wave 1 and Wave 2 provider rates be entered into HCSIS by July 1 and that Wave 3 rates be entered by October 1. The rates will be analyzed and the results used to refine the rate setting bulletin and guidelines as OMR moves toward fee-for-service reimbursement.

Certified Investigators
OMR’s certified investigators web site, www.omrinvestigators.com, has added new items. These include announcements of Certified Investigators classes and an article from AAMR Journal, Shoulder to Shoulder: Celebrating the Important Work of Direct Support Workers.

Long-Term Services
The National Council on Disability has released a report assessing the nation’s system of long-term supports for the elderly and persons with disabilities. The State of 21st Century Long-Term Services and Supports: Financing and Systems Reform for Americans with Disabilities offers recommendations such as increasing policymaker knowledge and understanding of public and private costs, implementing an action plan to monitor states’ activities to meet Americans with Disabilities Act obligations as a result of the Olmstead Supreme Court decision increasing support for family members, and rebalancing home and community-based state support systems. A copy of the report is available at www.ncd.gov/newsroom/pulbications/2005/longterm_services.doc.

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