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MR Update #06-05: Spreadsheets, Rate Setting and County Relocation Bulletins, Waiver Update , Laurelton Center, Certified Investigators, PUNS, OVR Public Meetings, Workforce Grant, and Trainings and Seminars
March 29, 2006

OMR Rate Setting Spreadsheets and Bulletins
The Office of Mental Retardation (OMR) has been releasing and revising rate setting spreadsheets to be used by providers and counties budgeting for the new process of fee-for-service, as required by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). To register for the listserv to receive these spreadsheets access http://listserv.dpw.state.pa.us. To submit questions regarding the spreadsheets email ra-ratesetting@state.pa.us. Questions will be answered through the listserv as Frequently Asked Questions updates.

OMR is currently removing listserv archives to avoid confusion on the most recent spreadsheets. Transportation services will be budgeted and billed using the previous fiscal years forms and procedures.

Spreadsheets are available for the following:

  • Non Residential Non Facility Based One hour and 15 minutes;
  • Residential 1-6 people and 7-10 people;
  • Family Living Through Life Sharing;
  • Community Habilitation;
  • Older Adult Day Services;
  • Prevocational Services;
  • Respite; and
  • Crosswalk to Service Definitions.

OMR has released a new bulletin, Interim Rate Setting Procedures for FY 2006/2007 (#00-06-06). This bulletin describes proposed modifications to part of Title 55 PA Code Chapter 4300 County MH/MR Program Fiscal Manual. This was developed to address the CMS requirement for a standard methodology for setting rates statewide. These interim policies are open to comments and to provide a “practice” rate setting for counties and providers. Comments and recommendations may be submitted to Joe Gualtier at jgualtier@state.pa.us through August 1. For an electronic copy contact Linda Drummond at PCPA.

Mental Retardation Bulletin #00-06-05 County to County Relocations was released and effective immediately and establishes required procedures when individuals relocate from one county to another. The bulletin clarifies the role of county government agencies regarding relocation and assurance that Medicaid waiver requirements continue to be met.

Consolidated Waiver Update
OMR continues work with CMS to resolve issues relating to the continuation of the consolidated mental retardation waiver. CMS has granted the state two 90-day extensions to the waiver to allow time for resolutions to policies and procedures. Issues include those below.

  • Persons receiving waiver funding must be fully served. OMR plans to serve 600 of these individuals this year and 200 next year.
  • Agreement between OMR and counties/administrative entities is complete and counties have until April 17 to indicate their intent to continue. Signed contracts must be in place by May 31.
  • A provider qualification bulletin will be released April 3 and providers will be sought to serve on the pilot for these new processes.
  • The Intermediary Service Organization for vendor model is being finalized.
  • A new assessment tool, Supports Intensity Scale Plus, will be removed from the duties of Supports Coordination and will be implemented by contractors selected through a proposal process.

PUNS Update
OMR’s Prioritization of Urgency of Need for Services (PUNS) is completed by the Intake Worker or Supports Coordinator on each individual registering for mental retardation services. The PUNS identifies the types of services the person currently receives and that are needed and indicates the urgency of the service needs. The urgency of need is identified in three levels:
1. Emergency, for immediate services either in or out of the home,
2. Critical, for those needing services within the next two years, and
3. Planning, for those needing services in two to five years.

There are over 22,000 individuals with PUNS registered in HCSIS, which must be updated annually. For additional information on PUNS contact OMR’s Service line at 888-565-9435 or local Supports Coordination offices.

Laurelton Center
The former Laurelton State Center in Union County is closer to sale to Mountain Valley Inc., to develop the property for a variety of recreational and business uses. The purchase price for the 336 acre property is $1.6 million.

Certified Investigators Courses
1. The Office of Mental Retardation is offering two new four-day Certified Investigators classes. Information is available at www.omrinvestigators.com. Dates are May 15-18 at Butler County Community College, Cranberry Township, and May 22-25 at COHMAR, Philadelphia.
2. Step-by-Step, Inc. is offering a four-day Certified Investigators Course May 2-5 at their facility in Wilkes-Barre. The cost is $350 per person and information is available on the Learning Management System at www.humanservices-r.state.pa.us/HCSISLMS.

OVR Public Comment
Pennsylvania’s Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) announces a period of public comment regarding the 2007 Fiscal Year Combined Agency State Plan. This department provides services through a network of 21 local district offices and the Hiram Andrews Center. Public meetings will be held from March 29 through April 13 across the state. Written comments will also be accepted through April 28. For a copy of the plan and a schedule of meetings access www.dli.state.pa.us and click on disability services.

National Grant
Jobs to Careers: Promoting Work-Based Learning for Quality Care is a new four-year $15.3 million national initiative of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Hitachi Foundation to award grants to partnerships for advancing and rewarding the skill and career development of incumbent workers providing care and services on the front lines of health care systems. These workers include substance abuse counselors, home health aides in settings such as long-term care institutions, behavioral health programs, early intervention services, and long-term rehabilitative care. Proposals are due May 18 and additional information is available at www.jtcp.org.

Trainings and Seminars
1. April 4-5: Virginia Commonwealth University Employment Conference in Richmond, VA will address issues relating to employment of people with disabilities. Conference cost is $65 and details are available from Roberta Martin, 804-827-0749, rsmartin@vcu.edu.
2. PA Community on Transition: Expanding Capacity and Realizing Outcomes will be presented at various locations and dates throughout the state during April. Presented by the Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network (PaTTAN) the workshop will address post-school outcomes for young adults with disabilities. Information is available at www.pattan.net.
3. April 26 or 27: Beyond High School: Preparing Adolescents for Tomorrow’s Challenges addressing transition practices to support youth with disabilities during their transition from school to adult community involvement. Presented by Temple University’s Institute on Disabilities, sessions will be held in Pittsburg and Bethlehem. Information and registration are available at disabilities.temple.edu or 215-204-1356.
4. May 4: Equal Justice Symposium: A Law Enforcement Perspective: Investigating Crimes that Implicate People with Disabilities is being offered by Temple University’s Institute on Disabilities at Temple Harrisburg. For information contact Missy Krex at 215-204-1356 or mkk147@temple.edu.
5. May 16-17: Building Bridges: Aging and Mental Retardation Cross Systems Conference at Holiday Inn, Grantville, PA, will identify programs and models of care to improve the quality of life for older persons with mental retardation. Registration fee is $80 and information is available from the Pennsylvania Association of Area Agencies on Aging at 717-541-4214.
6. June 28-29: Quality Management: An Integrated Approach in New Brunswick, NJ, is the Council on Quality and Leadership’s Integrated Quality Management Conference. For conference details access www.thecouncil.org.

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