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MR Update #07-09: Money Follows the Person, Provider Profile, Regulation Revisions, Revised Service Definitions, HCSIS Updates, PCPA Conference, Central Region Meeting, Seminars/Workshops
May 16, 2007

Money Follows the Person
Thirteen states including Pennsylvania have been approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to receive more than $547 million in grants over five years to build Medicaid long-term care programs that will help keep people at home and out of institutions. The “Money Follows the Person” initiative was included in the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 and is a component of the President’s New Freedom Initiative, a nationwide effort to remove barriers to community living for people of all ages with disabilities or chronic illnesses.

Pennsylvania will receive a five-year commitment of over $98 million. The state’s proposed approach to implementing this demonstration project includes transitioning individuals from nursing facilities, state mental retardation centers, and state mental hospitals. Components will include a state director, housing coordinators, transition consultants, a management information system, and education/informational strategies.

Provider Profile
The Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) Provider Profile work group is presenting recommendations to Deputy Secretary Casey regarding stage one of this initiative. Components include revision to the department’s web page for provider profiles, hyperlinks to the HCSIS Services and Supports Directory and Provider Licensing Directory, suggested questions for participants and families to use when selecting services, and recommended information for provider web sites. Based on the ODP work plan submitted to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the provider profile will be implemented beginning on July 1. Stage two development will begin with an emphasis on quality of service issues. PCPA members are asked to share their ideas and recommendations with Linda Drummond.

Regulations Revisions
ODP is beginning revision of the regulations for Chapter 6400 – Residential/Community homes, Chapter 6500 – Family Living homes, Chapter 2380 – Adult Training Facilities, and Chapter 2390 – Vocational Facilities. Revisions are needed to conform to current practices such as the state’s use of the Individual Support Plan; currently regulations are written for the Individual Program Plan. This process involves the development of a work group, draft of proposed regulations, and the regulatory promulgation process. Once the changes are proposed in the Pennsylvania Bulletin there is a 30-day public comment period and the state then has two years after comment to publish final regulations. Work group members will be selected through a nomination process. PCPA has submitted an application to participate.

Revised Service Definitions
ODP has issued a bulletin entitled Revised Service Definitions, which address new definitions, units, and transaction codes to be used beginning July 1. The changes include the addition of personal support services for people who are self-directing waiver services; separation of several services from the habilitation definition including homemaker/chore, home finding, adaptive appliances/equipment, and educational support services; and the combination of job support and job finding into Supported Employment. For an electronic copy of the bulletin contact Linda Drummond at linda@paproviders.org.

HCSIS Changes
Providers now have the ability to print service authorizations directly from HCSIS for those services in approved Individual Support Plans and authorized by the county/administrative entity. Counties will no longer need to mail authorizations to providers and printing/signing/mailing authorizations will become optional.

All providers preparing to file claims through PROMISe for services provided must submit a PROMISe Provider Enrollment Base Application. This application can be downloaded form the OMAP web site (www.dpw.state.pa.us/omap) and follow the hyperlinks to “Provider Information-Provider Enrollment Information.” All providers serving Wave 1 and Wave 2 counties must enroll all of their sites in PROMISe by June 30. For further information contact the HCSIS Help Desk at 866-444-1264. Electronic copies of HCSIS Updates are available from PCPA by contacting Linda Drummond.

An Afternoon with ODP
PCPA will offer an entire afternoon of updates on mental retardation and adult autism issues on October 16, at its conference at Seven Springs Mountain Resort. The session will provide overviews of system changes and offer opportunities for conference participants to interact and dialogue with ODP staff. Topics will include a CMS update focusing on provider dispute protocol, service definitions, HCSIS changes, rate setting criteria, and county/administrative entity oversight of providers. The session will also address adult autism initiatives, support coordination changes, risk management and incident management, Lifesharing and family living, supported and competitive employment, and data driven decision making on such issues as vacancy and utilization. Other topics and issues will be added as the system changes continue to offer participants the most of up-to-date information available.

PCPA Central Region Meeting
PCPA will hold its Central Region Meeting on June 11 at 10:00 a.m. at the Harrisburg office. The topic is Special Offenders Services with guest presenter, Kerri Martin, program director, Lancaster County Office of Special Offenders Services. Specifically developed for offenders with mental health and/or mental retardation disabilities, this program was the first of its kind in the US and is recognized as an international model for agencies and facilities that address the special needs offender. Ted Glackman, co-chair of PCPA’s Forensics Committee will provide an update on agency activities and initiatives. He is the executive director of the Joseph J. Peters Institute. All members are invited to attend. For registration information contact Stacey Vargas.

May 21: Public Forum with representatives from the federal Administration on Developmental Disabilities will be conducted in Harrisburg, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh. For a copy of the flyer contact Linda Drummond.

HCSIS Financial Management Implementation: Provider Kick-Off and Enrollment Workshops are being held across the state in May. Registration is available on HCSIS/LMS. An electronic copy of the information is available from Linda Drummond.

June 5 – 6: Employment Support Symposium: Visions and Realities at the Double Tree Hotel, Philadelphia. Sponsored by the Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health and Mental Retardation Services and coordinated by Networks for Training and Development, the sessions will focus on topics relevant to job coaches, employment specialists, individuals and families, and supports coordinators. For details contact Shauna Roman at 215-546-4112 or shaunar@networksforthraining.org.

June 7 – 8: Building Bridges to Employment Opportunities at Greentree Radisson, Pittsburgh. Sponsored by the Greater Pittsburgh Supported Employment Association the sessions will focus on customized employment, self-employment, transition, and evidence based practices in supported employment for persons with mental retardation. For details contact Berks Personnel Network, 610-288-1448.

PA College of Direct Support Administrator Workshops are being offered across the state, June 13 in King of Prussia, June 14 in West Decatur, and June 15 in Pittsburgh. For registration information contact Sarah Rollins, srollin@pattan.net or 610-265-7321.

June 14: Self-Determination: Share our Strengths conferences at the Holiday Inn, Grantville, is being sponsored by the MH/MR Program Administrators Association of PA. For registration information call 717-232-7554.

Disaster Preparedness: Identifying and Assisting Persons with Unique Needs During Emergencies is offered on June 14 in Scranton and June 19 in Conshohocken. This free conference is being sponsored by the state’s Departments of Health and Public Welfare. For additional information call Richard Boland, UPMC, 412-802-6211 or bolandrt@upmc.edu.

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