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MR Update #07-14: Rate Setting Trainings, Central Region Meeting on Autism, Supports Coordination Changes, Draft Bulletin, Provider Profile, HCSIS Update, Certified Investigator classes, ODP Update, Stakeholders Planning Team, HR159 Waiting List, MRSA, Prescription for PA, MA Regulatory Hearing, and Autism Trainings
November 8, 2007

PCPA Trainings
PCPA will schedule several trainings in the near future to address the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) fee-for-service and rate setting methodology for direct service providers. Once ODP has developed the criteria for supports coordination it will be added to these trainings. Please watch for details.

Central Region Meeting
PCPA’s Central Region Meeting is Monday, December 10, at 9:30 a.m. at the office in Harrisburg. The topic will be autism services, including a Bureau of Autism Services update by Bureau Director Nina Wall Cote. Dr. Janet Kelley, Keystone Human Services, will address the core competencies for adult autism services and challenges to agencies, funding difficulties, and behavioral support skills. Youth Advocate Programs staff will provide an overview of their autism services which promote inclusion and foster self-advocacy. For additional information or to register contact PCPA (linda@paproviders.org).

Supports Coordination Changes
ODP is implementing changes to the funding of supports coordination for individuals funded by the consolidated and person/family directed services waivers. ODP has selected to add case management through supports coordination to both of the waivers as a mandatory core service to meet waiver assurances. These changes are being implemented to resolve a situation that is delaying the Centers for Medicare and Medicated Services from approving the renewal of the person/family directed services waiver which expired in June, but has temporarily been extended to February 25, 2008.

ODP Draft Bulletin
ODP has issued a draft bulletin for public comments due December 6 to ra-ODPComment@state.pa.us. Assuring the Health and Welfare of Medicaid Waiver Participants summarizes existing practices designed to assure or protect the health and welfare of individuals participating in Medicaid waivers.

Provider Profile
ODP’s Provider Profile work group completed its recommendations for Phase I which were added to the Department of Public Welfare (DPW) web site at www.dpw.state.pa.us. These include questions that individuals and families should ask of providers they are interviewing to provide services, recommendations for provider web site content, and links to provider’s web sites.

The next meeting will focus on the status of provider qualification criteria and its relevancy to the profile, expanding the HCSIS provider profile to indicate that a qualified provider is willing to provide services in other counties, and a draft IM4Q comparison report sample for discussion. PCPA members are encouraged to share any recommendations with Linda Drummond, linda@paproviders.org.

HCSIS Update
The latest HCSIS Update pertains to ODP, the Office of Children, Youth and Families, and the Office of Long Term Living, which are using the system. A copy of the update is available from PCPA (linda@paproviders.org). Release 5.11.0 is scheduled for January 2008 and will include read-only provider role created for provider access, modifications to the provider location report, individual support plan (ISP) terminology changes, and financial management changes. This release will be posted in late December to the HCSIS Information link on the Learning Management System.

Providers have access to the ISP in HCSIS if they meet all of the following criteria:

  • At least one service on an ISP in any status except unauthorized,
  • The support team and individual have given the supports coordinator permission to allow the provider to view the ISP online, and
  • The provider has been assigned the provider ISP reviewer role in HCSIS.

Certified Investigators
New Certified Investigators (CI) classes are scheduled for November 12-15 at Hamburg Center and December 3-6 at Polk Center. To register access the HCSIS Learning Management System. Those needing re-certification classes should receive an email notifying them. If individual’s are not receiving this notification it may be due to an out-of-date email address, which can be updated on the individual profile. CI information is also available at www.omrinvestigators.com.

ODP Update

  • ODP has three job openings for Senior Management Center Directors which are at Polk, Ebensburg, and Selinsgrove centers. For details contact the DPW Personnel Office, 717-787-5068.
  • ODP has released the schedule for state center trainings for November and a copy is available from Linda Drummond (linda@paproviders.org).
  • Everyday Living forums are offered across state during November and December with details available through ODP’s consulting services at ocs_registrationsrr@tiu11.org.

Stakeholder Planning Team
A recent Department of Public Welfare’s (DPW) Stakeholder Planning Team meeting featured Secretary Estelle Richman; Deputy Secretaries Kevin Casey, ODP, and Mike Nardone, Office of Medical Assistance Programs; Office of Long Term Living Deputy Director Mike Hall; Money Follows the Person Director Karen Morton; and Intra-Governmental Council on Long Term Care Executive

Director Paul McCarty. Secretary Richman provided an overview of the Mayview State Hospital closure, the state’s need to develop new revenues through business development to offer budget increases, that personal care homes have been inspected and all will be licensed by the end of the year, and while a state mental retardation center closure is not currently planned, there could be changes in the future.

House Resolution 159 Committee
The Joint State Government Commission’s House Resolution 159 Advisory Committee – addressing the mental retardation waiting list – is preparing recommendations to be presented to the legislature on resolution and future elimination of this list. The committee has requested information from ODP regarding the size of the waiting list based on those registered through PUNS and the anticipated cost to eliminate the emergency and critical list over the next five years.

There have been numerous news articles lately regarding a form of methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) which are skin infections usually transmitted by direct skin-to-skin contact or contact with shard items or surfaces. Additional information is available at the Centers for Disease Control (www.cdc.org) or the Pennsylvania Department of Health (www.dsf.health.state.pa).

Prescription for PA
Governor Rendell has announced that the state is moving another step toward reforming health care and his plan – Prescription for Pennsylvania – and the receipt of a $4.8 million federal grant. DPW will use funds to transform the Medicaid case management process by moving individuals from an illness-based case to wellness care model. Wellness care provides information and resources to help prevent disease or recognize disease at its earliest and most treatable stage. To help identify which of the 280,000 children and families currently enrolled in ACCESS Plus would benefit most from this program, DPW will use grant funds to purchase software to analyze current data and identify gaps in care, monitor care history, and identify health risk factors. A copy of the governor’s press release is available at www.governor.state.pa.us.

MA Regulatory Hearing
The US House Oversight and Government Reform Committee held a hearing regarding proposed changes to Medicaid (MA) regulations. These proposed changes included limitation on Medicaid’s rehabilitative services, limitation on transportation for eligible children receiving IDEA services, limitation on how states can generate funds to pay for their share of the MA matching funds, and the limit on what services states cover under MA outpatient programs. According to the CMS director for MA and state operations some states are billing services that are not considered allowable No decisions have been finalized.

Autism Trainings

  • The Functional Behavior Assessment and Treatment Plan Development, presented by the Bureau of Autism Services, is a free two-day training November 14 and December 6 in State College or November 15 and December 5 in North Huntingdon. Information is available at www.autisminpa.org.
  • Comprehensive Autism Assessment for Intervention Planning is a videoconference presented by the Pennsylvania Department of Education at PaTTAN locations across the state November 14. Details are available at www.pattan.net.

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