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Master Provider Index
January 4, 2003

The following information is from Jeanine Zlockie, Office of Mental Retardation (OMR). OMR needs a response from providers who received letters about changing their names to fit into the Master Provider Index. Providers will also be known by this name in the Services and Supports Directory, which will be used by consumers, families, and supports coordinators to find services and supports. Please make sure you have the name that you plan to market!

HCSIS Bit: Master Provider Index (MPI)

In order to conform to MPI (Master Provider Index), which comes up in January 2003, OMR needs to make certain that provider names fit MPI. The MPI is using IRS and HIPAA guidelines for provider names. The guidelines require that provider names be 40 and 50 characters respectively.

In terms of system development, OMR has been ahead of MPI. There was no way to predict the number of character difference between HCSIS and MPI. OMR identified the list of provider names that exceed the number of characters allowable in MPI. For those providers, a number of general conventions were used to abbreviate names (such as Inc. for Incorporated, UCP for United Cerebral Palsy, etc). The way a provider's name will appear in MPI will be the same as in the Service and Supports Directory.

A letter was sent by OMR to each provider whose name was changed. OMR is requesting a response from those providers as to whether or not the changes are acceptable, or if there is another way that they would like their name to appear.

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