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OMR'S Monitoring of Counties Bulletin
May 2, 2002

The Office of Mental Retardation's Monitoring of Counties Bulletin provides the Office of Mental Retardation's (OMR) protocol and web-based application used by OMR regional staff to monitor counties related to services provided under both the Consolidated and Person/Family Directed Support Waivers.

When the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS, formerly HCFA), made its formal recommendations in 2000 for change in the OMR system, they stated that Commonwealth staff must be alert and aggressive in assuring that policies issued by OMR are interpreted and followed consistently by counties. They also recommended changes in the way that OMR monitors the health and welfare of consumers served in the waiver program. This Bulletin is one of many OMR responses to these recommendations and it is part of Transformation Implementation.

During annual monitoring visits to the counties, OMR regional staff will conduct a records review at the county and base service unit and will visit people receiving Medicaid Waiver services. The new monitoring tool is web-based through the Home and Community Services Information System (HCSIS). Screen mock-ups with all of the OMR questions are contained in the 51 page Bulletin.

The Protocol for Regional Monitoring of Counties describes the use of a 5% review sample, based on a representative proportion of people enrolled in the two waivers. It also discusses data collection, including visits to individuals in the sample at their home or "day program." Family members are contacted when consumers live in residential settings.

When Regional Monitors find issues that need to be addressed, the County MH/MR Program will be required to submit a County Corrective Action Plan on HCSIS.

For a copy of this bulletin, please contact Lynn Keltz or support staff at PCPA.

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