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New OMR Bulletins Available
May 23, 2002

The Office of Mental Retardation (OMR) issued a Bulletin dated April 15, 2002, Accessing Public Transportation for Individuals Enrolled in the Consolidated or Person/Family Directed Support Waivers. The Bulletin discusses the use of public transportation, including para-transit, for individuals with mental retardation who receive waiver services. OMR states that public transportation promotes self-determination and independence, plus it is cost effective.

Although public transportation can be part of an independent lifestyle the bulletin goes on to prohibit the reimbursement of consumers and family members for costs incurred in buying tokens, passes, or taxis, and prohibits provision of monies to buy public transportation services. The bulletin further describes requirements for this waiver funding of transportation services, and states that it must be part of the Individual Service Plan and approved budget.

The FY 2000/2001 Utilization, Statistical and Financial Report Bulletin was also issued by OMR in April. The utilization, statistical , and financial data are derived from data submitted by counties, providers, and state-operated facilities. Mention is made that HCSIS data will be available in future annual reports. Some of the data reports in the bulletin include the census of OMR's funded state and community based services, the number of people by services, the number of people by service by county of OMR services.

For copies of the bulletins access the links above or contact Lynn Keltz at the Association.

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