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OMR Issues Two Bulletins
June 25, 2003

OBRA Determinations Bulletin Issued

The Office of Mental Retardation (OMR) issued a bulletin, OBRA Time–Limited Determinations, that was effective on May 13, 2003, the date of issue. The bulletin’s purpose is to clarify and communicate procedures for re-evaluating OBRA time-limited determinations of an individual’s need for nursing home services and/or specialized services. These determinations are made by the Regional Office of Mental Retardation and are issued for a period of 180 days or less. Listed in the bulletin are procedures for going beyond 180 days, including the responsibilities of the nursing facility. The bulletin is available from tha link above or by contacting Lynn Keltz.

Casey Signs First Bulletin

The first Mental Retardation Bulletin to be signed by Kevin Casey, Deputy Secretary for Mental Retardation, is titled Principles for the Mental Retardation System. This is based on an update of the 1991 publication of Everyday Lives: Making it Happen. The new 2001 version reaffirmed values of the first publication and introduced the values of collaboration, quality, mentoring, and accountability. It is fitting that the former Executive Director of PA Protection and Advocacy, who strongly advocated for the principles in this bulletin, would be able to sign it. For a copy, please contact Lynn Keltz at PCPA.

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