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Praise, Problems and Progress: OMR "Transformation Project"
March 10, 2003

A document titled Promising Practices in Long Term Care Systems Reform: Pennsylvania's Transformation of Supports for People with Mental Retardation was released at the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) conference, "Living and Working in the Community." Prepared for CMS by Medstat, the report is one of ten that emphasizes identification of transferable models of Single Entry Points and Person-Centered Services. To prepare the report, on-site interviews were conducted with state officials, advocacy organizations, and local program administrators. There were also extensive reviews of policy proposals, administrative rules, and program evaluations. The report is available from the link above and will be posted on the CMS web site in April.

Another group sees the systems changes known as Transformation as very problematic. The Community Advocacy Coalition (the group that sent a letter criticizing Transformation to the candidates for governor) recently issued a paper that is their analysis of problems in Transformation. The new document was sent out after Secretary Designee Estelle Richman had already decided to take time to evaluate the efforts of OMR for systems change. This document can be obtained from the link above or Lynn Keltz at PCPA.

Latest Word on Transformation
The changes already in progress, including the roll out in the counties of registration for MR services, PUNS, the Individual Support Plan and support coordination functions, and the provider services and supports directory will continue. As of March 6, 25 counties (the four pilots and all of the Central and Northeast counties) were using those applications. The Southeast region is next on the roll out schedule.

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