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Policy Updates - Mental Retardation
May 4, 2001

Adolescent & Adult Part Day Regulation External Stakeholder Meeting Notes

File notes for the April 17-19 meetings are now available in electronic format. They are posted on the web site in the Member's Only section. If you would like to have them in another format, please contact Sacha Brunner-King or Lynn Keltz. Comments on the Adolescent and Adult Part Day draft regulations are due to the Office of Licensing and Regulatory Management on May 9. Lynn Cooper is coordinating comments for PCPA but feel free to give yours to any of the Policy Specialists.

OMR Transformation Project Update

The Phase 2 Core System (Clients) is that part of the larger computerized data system that focuses on processes with direct impact on clients/consumers. These include: Register for MR Services; Develop Individual Plan and Budget; Supports Coordination/Case Management; Provider ITQ (Invitation to Qualify), and Letters/Notices. The following is an update provided by OMR on the progress of three of the Requirements Teams.

  • The ITQ Requirements Team received 30 responses to the County Best Practices Survey. They are using them to help determine the policy and requirements in current county/provider contracts or county policy, as well as provider qualifications not specified in approved waivers but listed in current contracts or county policies.
  • The Supports Coordination Team has discussed individuals' choice of a supports coordinator in counties with multiple vs. single supports coordination entities and methods for counties to provide individuals with choice and control in the supports coordination selection process.
  • The Register for MR Team has mapped out requirements associated with the registration process through various points of access, including the County office, MR Service Center and the Internet.
  • The Individual Plan Team recently identified a recommended list of individual plan elements.

Target Budgets continue to be discussed, as described in the May Provider News. OMR has decided to change the name of "Target Budget" to "Individual Budget Amount" to signify that the amount is a calculation based on individual need, not a pre-assigned amount. Also, service categories are being developed under the Person family Directed Supports Waiver for the Individual Budget Amount. Individual data and other attributes are being collected from four counties, including Lehigh, Delaware, Clearfield/Jefferson and Westmoreland.

An acronym guide is being developed by the Office of Mental Retardation for the new Transformation Project terms. It is a "work-in-progress" guide that will be further developed as more acronyms are added to the Project vocabulary.

State Center Transformation Update

OMR is also circulating information about changes in the State Centers.

Individualized budgets are being studied by a team at the centers. Their mission is to create individualized budgets for people living in state centers, based on supports actually received, instead of a per diem rate based on averages. Next steps include gathering any available national current cost analysis data and identifying each service provided in the centers to develop a cost related to service delivery. This team will interface with the "community" team.

Total Quality Management is a goal for the state centers. An assessment of current and anticipated hardware and software needs to support TQM is ongoing.

OMR Planning Advisory Committee Retreat

The OMR Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) Retreat will be held May 22-23 at the Crowne Plaza in Harrisburg. The goals of the retreat are:

  • to advise OMR on the design of the new processes to implement consumer choice and control
  • to advise OMR on how to help consumers and families understand and prepare for the changes related to the Transformation Project.

PCPA representatives to the OMR PAC are Peg Van Schaick, Dennis Oswald, and George Kimes.

ARC of PA Convention

2001 - An Arc Odyssey will be held June 15 at the Eisenhower Inn and Conference Center in Gettysburg, PA. Registration fees are $60 if postmarked by May 25, $75 after that date, and $30 for self-advocates. Hotel reservations must be made by May 14.

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