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OMR PAC Quality Management Committee Request for Provider Recommendations
January 21, 2004

The Office of Mental Retardation Provider Advisory Committee (OMR PAC) Quality Management Subcommittee has requested provider input regarding the Mental Retardation Services Quality Management System and quality management activities in mental retardation provider organizations.

The current OMR information system includes data collection regarding IM4Q; Health Care Risk Profiles; Incident Management; Licensing Standard and Regulatory Compliance; OMR Monitoring of counties through Waiver Review; Supports Coordination; and Person Centered Planning. Also, provider organizations are engaged in their own quality management activities.

In response to OMR’s request for provider input, the state-level provider associations have developed a short list of questions being addressed to members.

  1. What are you doing at your agency to address Quality Management?
  2. What do you need from OMR to assist you in data collection and data analysis?
  3. Have you been using the aggregate information available from OMR to help correct and improve the quality of services you provide?
  4. Please give examples of Best Practices in quality improvement including data collections, improvement activities and recognition of contributions to quality.
  5. Of the 8 quality management collection systems listed above, what information do you find the most helpful? What improvements can be made in any of these systems?

The information you provide will be compiled (without agency identification) and shared with OMR. Providers are asked to answer the above questions and return your answers to Linda Drummond at PCPA (717-657-7078) by February 6.

Thank you for your assistance and your professional input into OMR’s Quality Management System.

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