RCPA - Rehabilitation and Community Providers Association


Reinvent ITQ?
April 24, 2003

The Office of Mental Retardation (OMR) has stopped development of the Invitation to Qualify (ITQ), as it has stopped other parts of the systems change formerly known as Transformation. OMR mailed a letter on April 22 to announce that they had suspended implementation of ITQ, stating they learned a great deal from dialogue with providers and counties. They feel that they need to further integrate county contracting practices with ITQ and need to involve consumers and families in the next development process. OMR will “start over” and will expand the involvement of all stakeholders. Sometime after July a new work group will be formed.

Stopping ITQ development leaves the MR system with the same contracting process that has long been in existence. Counties will continue to make decisions about which providers will be able to receive contracts for service provision in their areas. OMR has told counties to assure choice of providers, but no tools have been developed to help assure this choice for consumers. Providers need the opportunity to provide services throughout the state in locations of their choice and where consumers want to choose their services. When the new development process begins, PCPA will be at the table.

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