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OMR Transformation Plan Affects Providers' Budgets
April 20, 2001

The Office of Mental Retardation (OMR) has a Transformation Plan that is intended to transform the way they do business. Central to this plan is their already purchased server that will allow them to use a web-based system for data collection and communication.

One of the first applications to use this system will be Incident Reporting, scheduled to "go live" in March or April of 2002. All providers will need to have standard personal computers and configurations, modems (preferably 56K) or faster and Internet connections for submission of the required Incident Reports. The draft Incident Management Bulletin alludes to OMR's creation of an electronic database, but it is not crystal clear that the reports must be submitted electronically. That information has come from our work on Transformation Project Teams, the OMR PAC, and discussions with OMR staff. Future implications for providers in terms of technology needs are unclear. It is certain, however, that more and more of the daily interactions with counties and OMR will be electronic.

As the budgeting season progresses, we hope you can use this information in your own planning processes. Questions about issues related to Mental Retardation can be directed to Lynn Keltz at the Association.

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