RCPA - Rehabilitation and Community Providers Association


Sample LTEs Available for Vocational Providers
February 27, 2014

Several opinion articles have emerged nationally questioning vocational programs and the piece rating system. One appeared in The Washington Post and one in the Chicago Tribune that was reprinted in a Pennsylvania newspaper. In response, RCPA collaborated with ACCSES to develop two sample letters to the editor (LTE) of Pennsylvania newspapers. One LTE proactively addresses media markets where the issue has not yet emerged, and the second was developed for markets where articles have appeared.

RCPA leaves the decision to send LTEs to the discretion of its members. Members are encouraged to adapt these letters for their agency, both to personalize the appeal and to remove the appearance of the same letter sent to multiple papers. For questions or to learn of submission criteria for local news outlets, please contact Steve Neidlinger.

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