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RALLY: United to End the Wait
October 12, 2004

Pennsylvania self-advocates and families united to end the wait
demand the Rendell administration

“End the Wait for Those who Need Mental Retardation Services”

October 19, 1:30 p.m.
State Capitol Rotunda, Harrisburg

Hundreds of individuals waiting for services and their families will descend on the state Capitol to inform Governor Rendell that new funds are needed in the community mental retardation (MR) system and that the governor’s budget proposal due in February 2005 MUST include the following:

  • Sufficient funds to end the "Emergency" Waiting List
  • A COLA to sustain the community services already in place!

2,102 people on the Emergency Waiting List are desperately counting on our success! Over 20,230 people are waiting overall. The MR community system has received only one 2% increase over the last three years; meanwhile other Medicaid funded programs such as nursing homes and HMO’s have received double-digit increases during the same time periods.

In addition to attending the rally, you are encouraged to contact your legislator and set up a meeting with them prior to the rally. Thank them for passing the last budget which included funds to support 475 people on the waiting list and for passing the 2% Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA). Ask them for their continued support to seek adequate funding and ask them also to encourage the Rendell administration to fund the waiting list and the COLA.

ATTEND THE RALLY – Show Your Support!

There is strength in numbers! Stand up and be counted! Bring your sons and daughters, family, friends, and neighbors to this rally. Become your own organizer; encourage people to attend. Together we can make a difference. Together we can "End the Wait!"

Buses and vans will be available in certain areas. If you need transportation contact a sponsoring agency or information number below.

Regional Contacts:

  • Central Region - Gene Bianco (Pennsylvania Association of Rehabilitation Facilities) 717-657-7608
  • Northwest Region - Colleen Stuart (Venango Training & Developmental Center) 814-676-5755
  • Northeast Region – Sheila Stasko (PA Waiting List Campaign) 877-372-WAIT
  • Southwest Region – Barb Telhorster (The Arc of Indiana County) 724-349-8230
  • Southeast Region – Sharon Harper-Young (Vision For Equality) 215-923-3349
  • Statewide – Nancy Murray (The Arc of Greater Pittsburgh) 412-995-5000, ext.414

General Information:

  • PA Waiting List Campaign: 877-372-WAIT
  • The Arc of Pennsylvania: 800-692-7258
  • Speaking For Ourselves: 800-867-3330
  • Vision For Equality, Inc.: 215-923-3349

Sponsored by PA Self Advocates & Families United to End the Wait and the following agencies:

  • Pennsylvania Waiting List Campaign
  • The Arc of Pennsylvania
  • PA Self Determination Consumer & Family Group
  • Speaking For Ourselves
  • UCP of Pennsylvania
  • Vision for Equality, Inc.
  • Community Advocacy Coalition
  • Pennsylvania Protection & Advocacy, Inc.
  • Disabilities Law Project
  • Pennsylvania Association of Resources for People with Mental Retardation
  • Pennsylvania Association of Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Pennsylvania Community Providers Association

Please notify Linda Drummond at PCPA if you plan to attend.

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