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MH/MR Coalition Provides Summaries of Staffing Survey
November 18, 2000

The MH/MR Coalition has completed two surveys outlining issues of staff recruitment and retention in the community-based provider system as part of the information being shared with the Department of Public Welfare regarding the seriousness of the situation in the delivery of services.

As part of the MH/MR Summit on November 8 where the Coalition brought together more than 260 providers and counties to discuss issues and develop a grassroots action plan, summaries from the recent staffing surveys sent to coalition membership were shared. Questions regarding the summaries and the activities of the MH/MR Coalition can be addressed to Lu Conser at the Association.

MH/MR Coalition Staffing Survey Executive Summary - October 2000

MH/MR Coalition Staffing Survey Executive Summary - November 2000

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