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The RCPA Archives are comprised of all written information that has been produced by the association related to policy arenas and other areas of interest to members. Archives are specific to different topics and materials are available from the links. Information is moved to the archives following initial access from the home page or Members Only. Some materials remain archived in the Members Only section of the web site when the information is not planned to be available to the general public. If you are seeking information and cannot find it, please contact Sharon Militello, Communications Director.

RCPA Alerts/Infos/IDD Updates
Intellectual Disabilities Updates






  • IDD Update #10-04: ODP Gross Adjustment Policy, ODP Updates, ADD Projects of National Significance, Direct Support Professional Recognition Week, September IDD and SCO Committee Meetings (08/11/10)
  • IDD Update #10-03: ODP Updates, Employment Issues and Conferences, Postsecondary Programs Assistance, Acquired Brain Injury Manual, Upcoming Conferences (04/27/10)
  • IDD Update #10-02: ODP Update, President’s Budget Proposal, Trainings, Kennedy Foundation Fellowships, and State Budget Facts (02/03/10)
  • IDD Update #10-01: PA Dual Diagnosis Project, ODEP Listening Tour, DPW Restraint Bulletins, January 19 IDD Committee, Federal Legislation Pending, Choose Work Web Site, and MIG Grant (01/06/10)


  • IDD Update #09-07: Autism Census Report, H1N1 Update, ODP Bulletins Update, Direct Service Providers and Supports Coordination Updates, Brain Injury Presentations, CMS Updates (11/30/09)
  • IDD Update #09-06: ODP Check Reissue, Adult Community Autism Program Expansion, H1N1 Toolkit, Alliance for Full Participation, State of the States, DRN Litigation, ODP Employment Committee, DPW Money Follows the Person (09/28/09)
  • IDD Update #09-05: ODP Cost Report and SCO Trainings, Direct Service Recognition, States Autism Updates, “Good to Go” Process, Billing Webcasts, HHS Rescinds Medicaid Regulations, and DRN Lawsit (07/22/09)
  • ID Update #09-04: ODP Waiver Amendments, ODP Service Definition and Services and Supports Directory Changes, ODP Letter to Families on Rates, Services Definitions and Procedure Code Changes on HCSIS, Waiver Service Request Form and Process Details (05/11/09)
  • ID Update #09-03: Cash Advance Legislation, Proposed State Budget, Proposed Federal Budget, Social Security Payments, Health and Human Services Secretary, ID Committee, and ODP Updates (05/07/09)
  • ID Update #09-02: Provider Agreements, ODP Quality Strategy, PROMISe Electronic Transfers, Adult Community Autism Program, Cash and Counseling, and Trainings (04/20/09)
  • ID Update #09-01: Autism Awareness Month, Conferences/Trainings; ODP Information Centers; Renewing ISPs; Social Security Stimulus Payments; Personal Needs Allowance; Terminology Changes; Death Penalty Legislation (04/01/09)


  • ID/MR Update #08-06: ODP Budget Cuts, Medicaid Spending and State Cuts, ODP Consulting, Medications Administration, Lifesharing Newsletter, Autism Insurance Web Site, UCP Report on Inclusion, ADA Update (11/04/08)
  • ID/MR and Autism Update #08-05: ODP Cost Reports, Billing Guides and Update, PCPA Training, SIS Bulletin, SIS Research, PCPA Annual Conference, Federal Issues, and Autism Update (08/05/08)
  • Intellectual Disabilities Update #08-04: ODP Financial Policies, Reorganization of DPW, PA Budget Secretary Named, ODP Contingency Plan, SCO Orientation, Autism Conference Live Webcast, Transition Conference and Grants (07/09/08)
  • MR Update #08-03: PCPA Rate Setting Training, ODP Waiver Updates, New Bulletins, SIS Clarification, Proposed Regulation Changes, Adult Autism Waiver, Premise Alert System, Trainings and Workshops (05/21/08)
  • MR Update #08-02: Governor’s Proclamation, Cash and Counseling, Labor and Industry, Certified Investigators, Autism Updates, SIS Update, ODP Update, Participant Directed Services (02/25/08)
  • MR Update #08-01: ODP Draft Bulletins, HCSIS Update, Investigator Classes, Provider Profile, Positive Practices, Provider Qualifications, Planning Advisory Committee, Medication Administration, Crime Victims, Federal Issues, and Resources (02/01/08)


  • MR Update #07-15: MR Rate Setting Teleconference, FIAT, ISO Changes, Lifesharing, SSI Increase, HCSIS Update, Autism Transition Grants, Breaking Barriers Report, Participant Direction Information, CI Classes, Seminars and Conferences (12/14/07)
  • MR Update #07-14: Rate Setting Trainings, Central Region Meeting on Autism, Supports Coordination Changes, Draft Bulletin, Provider Profile, HCSIS Update, Certified Investigator classes, ODP Update, Stakeholders Planning Team, HR159 Waiting List, MRSA, Prescription for PA, MA Regulatory Hearing, and Autism Trainings (11/08/07)
  • MR Update #07-13: PCPA Regional Meeting, Tamper-Resistant Prescription Pads, College Cost Reduction Act, National Disability Employment Month, Workforce Development, Ticket to Work, SSA Redeterminations, Draft Bulletins, ODP Rate Setting, FIAT Rate Setting Paper, Pandemic Information, OLTL Survey, CI Class, Trainings, and Employment Opportunities (10/02/07)
  • MR Update #07-12: Guardianship Report, Autism Resources, ODP Update, CMS Rx Changes, Money Follows the Person, Provider Profile, Autism Centers of Excellence, New Freedom Initiative, Residential Trends, Fernald Center, PCPA Conference, and Seminars/Workshops (08/29/07)
  • MR Update #07-11: ODP Budget, Draft Bulletin, Certified Investigators, Autism Webcast, Environmental Health, Medication Administration Trainings, Special Offenders Forum, College of Direct Support, Direct Care Training, Dual Diagnosis Resource, PCPA Conference (07/25/07)
  • MR Update #07-10: State Revenue, Better Jobs Better Care, Federal Minimum Wage Resources, Medication Administration, CI Recertification, Workshops and Trainings (06/28/07)
  • MR Update #07-09: Money Follows the Person, Provider Profile, Regulation Revisions, Revised Service Definitions, HCSIS Updates, PCPA Conference, Central Region Meeting, Seminars/Workshops (05/16/07)
  • MR Update #07-08: ODP Bulletins, Fiscal Clarification, Deloitte Study, IM4Q Report, Fayette MH/MR, Autism Resources, Personal Care Homes, DASH, Federal Match, Seminars and Workshops (04/26/07)
  • MR Update #07-07: Certified Investigators, ODP Bids, OVR State Plan, Autism Resources, HUD Vouchers, Employment Resources, QI Employment, Legislation, Seminars and Trainings (03/29/07)
  • MR Update #07-06: ODP Update, Service Definitions, Loan Forgiveness Bill, Youth Employment Training (02/23/07)
  • MR Update #07-05: Health and Safety Alert, Rate Setting FAQ, Autism Genetic Link, Provider Profile, PCPA Training, and Other Seminars/Workshops (02/20/07)
  • MR Update #07-04: State Budget and Office of Developmental Programs, County and Provider Contract, Autism RFI, Dental Care, Categorical Consolidation, Trainings and Seminars (02/09/07)
  • MR Update #07-03: College of Direct Support, PP&A Merger With DLP, Thaler at NASDDDS, and Upcoming Draft MR Bulletins (02/01/07)
  • MR Update #07-02: MR Approved Waiver Bulletin, Provider Profile Workgroup, Provider Qualifications Pilots, ICF/MR Employment Workgroup, Long Term Living Council Changes (01/26/07)
  • MR Update #07-01: Waiver Renewal, MR Bulletins, Positive Practices, HCSIS Update, ICF/MR Employment, Customized Employment, OMR Training Report and Catalog, Governor's Cabinet on Disabilities, Grants for Youth Transition, Rural Shared Ride, Federal Issues, and Seminars/Workshops (01/03/07)


  • MR Update #06-14: Market Basket Increase, OMR Updates, Work Incentive, Transition Grant, Wheelchair/Scooter Repairs, Seminars/Workshops (11/09/06)
  • MR Update #06-13: ICF/MR Employment Committee, Adult Autism Initiative, Positive Practices Volunteers, PP&A, MR Bulletin, Insurance Requirements, Proof of Citizenship, Certified Investigators, and Youth Volunteer (09/27/06)
  • MR Update #06-12: Surveys, Turnover, OMR Issues, Lawyer Referrals, Federal Issues, Trainings and Conferences (09/08/06)
  • MR Update #06-11: Federal Issues (08/03/06)
  • MR Update #06-10: Investigator Classes, Medication Training, Provider Pilots, ICF Rates, MAXIMUS Modifications, Dental Care, HCSIS Update, Transition Issues, PEAL, and PCPA Committee (08/03/06)
  • MR Update #06-09: Laurelton Center, CI Classes, Autism, Restraints, Transportation, OMR Contracts, PROMISe, Provider Qualifications, SIS, HCSIS, Law Enforcement, and Direct Support Professionals (06/28/06)
  • MR Update #06-08: Budget Correction, Relocations, Restraint Bulletin, Allegheny Link, Cash & Counseling, Long-Term Living, Services Guide, Open Door Forum, Disability Research, ODEP, Transition Center, and Workshops (05/02/06)
  • MR Update #06-07: Provider Qualifications, OMR Rate Setting and Agreements, Medicaid Changes, Employment Bulletin and IM4Q (04/18/06)
  • MR Update #06-06: Death Penalty, UCP Report, Altoona Center, Social Security, Federal Medicaid, HCSIS Update, and Freedom March (04/05/06)
  • MR Update #06-05: Spreadsheets, Rate Setting and County Relocation Bulletins, Waiver Update , Laurelton Center, Certified Investigators, PUNS, OVR Public Meetings, Workforce Grant, and Trainings and Seminars (03/29/06)
  • MR Update #06-04: OMR Web Cast, PUNs Trainings, Listserv for Services and Rate Setting Documents, HCSIS Update, Certified Investigators, and Long-Term Services (02/24/06)
  • MR Update #06-03: Draft MR Bulletins, Listservs, Proposals for Children's Autism and Family Support, Federal Budget, Conference Proposals, and Workshops (02/17/06)
  • MR Update #06-02: Altoona Center, MR Bulletins, Certified Investigators, State Budget, Vacancy Survey, Trainings, and Workshops (02/07/06)
  • MR Update #06-01: PCPA Rate Training, OMR Trainings, Lifesharing Directory, Public Forums, Medicare Part D, State of the States, MR Bulletin, HCSIS Update and President's Initiative (01/13/06)


  • MR Update #05-23: Rate Setting Training, Recruitment and Retention Resources, Behavior Training, and HCSIS Update (12/20/05)
  • MR Update #05-22: Rate Setting Training, Medicare Lawsuit, Dual Eligibles, and State Hospital Closure (12/08/05)
  • MR Update #05-21: Medicare Part D Resources and Lawsuits, Venture Program, Strattera Warning, and SSI Increases (11/30/05)
  • MR Update #05-20: Altoona Lawsuit, York County Funding, CMS Increases, Waiting List, Certified Investigators, and End of Life Forum (11/08/05)
  • MR Update #05-19: Rate Setting Draft Bulletin, Waiver Services Definitions, IM Trainings, Recruitment and Retention Workshops, Emergency Planning Seminar, Healthcare Workshop, EI Rates Forums, and Medications Administration Trainings (09/27/05)
  • MR Update #05-18: OMR Work Groups Address Rate Setting and Provider Qualifications (09/02/05)
  • MR Update #05-17: State Medicaid Sessions, Loophole Issues, Available Awards, College of Direct Support Update, Incident Management, Federal Issues, and HCSIS Update (09/01/05)
  • MR Update #05-16: Death Penalty, Federal Issues, Medicaid Commission and Senate Hearings, PUNS/SIS Work Group, Draft MR Bulletins, HCSIS Update, and Resources (08/02/05)
  • MR Update #05-15: OMR Budget, Federal Issues, Medicare Part D, Provider Qualifications, New OMR Newsletter, Certified Investigators, EI Travel, and Seminars (07/27/05)
  • MR Update #05-14: FY 2005/06 State Budget, Medical Assistance Restoration, and Bulletin on Third Party Insurance (07/08/05)
  • MR Update #05-13: OMR Staff Change, Draft MR Bulletins, HCSIS Update, People First Language, Incident Management, and Social Security Regulations (07/06/05)
  • MR Update #05-12: Provider Council, 2005/06 MR Issues, Dual Eligibles, Altoona Center, and Resources (06/22/05)
  • MR Update #05-11: Respite Bulletin, HCSIS Update, and ADA Anniversary (05/31/05)
  • MR Update #05-10: OMR Committee Volunteers, Provider Qualifications, Dual Eligibles, Autism "First Signs" Program, Cash & Counseling, Federal Issues, and Seminars (05/26/05)
  • MR Update #05-09: ADA Testimony, OMR Response to CMS, and CDS Training (05/06/05)
  • MR Update #05-08: Volunteers Needed, Medical Assistance Issues, HCSIS Update, Dual Eligibles, and Trainings (05/02/05)
  • MR Update #05-07: Consolidated Waiver Issues with CMS, HCSIS Update, Incident Management Changes, Federal Issues, Resources, Seminars and Employment (04/12/05)
  • MR Update #05-06: Mentors Project, Aging and Disability Resource Grants, 6210 Regulation Changes, Federal Budget and Legislation, and Trainings (03/31/05)
  • MR Update #05-05: SSI Changes, CDS Meeting, MR Bulletin, Early Intervention Changes, Training Partnership, Resources (03/14/05)
  • MR Update #05-04: Budget Briefing Scheduled, Harrisburg State Hospital, IRS Changes to ISO, Autism Update, Resources (02/18/05)
  • MR Update #05-03: Harrisburg State Hospital, Medicaid Issues, HCSIS and OMR Updates, Health Risk Sessions, Fragile X (02/07/05)
  • MR Update #05-02: Altoona Hearing and Statistics, PA Housing Finance, LEVOXYL Alert, and Go Direct Campaign (01/24/05)
  • MR Update #05-01: COMMCARE Waiver, Restraint Focus Groups, College of Direct Support, Supports Coordination Forums, CMS Covers Transitional Costs (01/12/05)


  • MR Update #04-36: Restraints Bulletin, OMR Budget, ICF/MR Assessment, Supports Coordination Forums, and SSI Changes (12/16/04)
  • MR Update #04-35: COMMCARE Waiver, PROMISe Billing Bulletin, Quality Management Newsletter, Autism, and Alzheimer's (12/02/04)
  • MR Update #04-34: ISO Draft Bulletin, HCSIS Update, CMS Report and Forum (11/24/04)
  • MR Update #04-33: Regulation Review, Restraints Bulletin, HCSIS Update, and CMS Auditors (11/10/04)
  • MR Update #04-32: ICF Development Bulletin, DPW Reimbursement Rate, Assistive Technology Act, PCPA Leadership Seminar (11/05/04)
  • MR Update #04-31: State and Federal Issues, ISO, HCSIS Update, OHCR (10/26/04)
  • MR Update #04-30: System Redesign, 30-Hour Rule, Mini-Grants, HIPAA Privacy Rule, Forums, and Meetings (10/13/04)
  • MR Update #04-29: OMR Volunteers Needed; Direct Support Workers Legislation; CMS Changes; HIPAA Fact Sheets (10/01/04)
  • MR Update #04-28: HCSIS Update, Rally, IM Bulletin, Provider Qualifications, and Resources (09/27/04)
  • MR Update #04-27: Quality Improvement, Child Development Office, Freedom March, PKU Group Home (09/14/04)
  • MR Update #04-26: ICF/MR Assessments and Training, Long-term Care Reform, Blues' Reserves, OMR PAC, CMS, HCSIS Update (09/02/04)
  • MR Update #04-25: Incident Management, HCSIS Update, Certified Investigators (08/10/04)
  • MR Update #04-24: CMS Forums and Pilot Projects, HCSIS Update, Federal Issues, CoolCap, Seminars/Conferences (07/28/04)
  • MR Update #04-23: HCSIS Update, CMS, OMR Health Alert, and Draft MR Bulletins (07/19/04)
  • MR Update #04-22: State Budget Passes, ICF/MR Assessment Passes, Direct Workers Pilot, Assistive Technology Grant (07/06/04)
  • MR Update #04-21: MR Bulletins, Direct Care Workers, Parent's Lawsuit, HCSIS Update (06/29/04)
  • MR Update #04-20: College of Direct Support, CMS Forums, Benefit Planning, HCSIS Update (06/24/04)
  • MR Update #04-19: Enahnced Case Management, Olmstead, ICF/MR Assessment (06/10/04)
  • MR Update #04-18: HCSIS, CMS (06/03/04)
  • MR Update #04-17: State Budget, Disability Vote Forum, HIPAA, MR Bulletins, Regulations Review (05/27/04)
  • MR Update #04-16: HCSIS Update, Budget &Rally, Waiting List Lawsuit (05/17/04)
  • MR Update #04-15: Incident Management Training, HCSIS Reports, Health Career Centers, PROMISe (05/06/04)
  • MR Update #04-14: Incident Management, DD Councils, children's Medical Assistance (04/29/04)
  • MR Update #04-13 (04/12/04)
  • MR Update #04-12 (04/16/04)
  • MR Update #04-11 (04/12/04)
  • MR Update #04-10 (03/31/04)
  • MR Update #04-09 (03/23/04)
  • MR Update #04-08 (03/05/04)
  • MR Update #04-07 (02/27/04)
  • MR Update #04-06 (02/21/04)
  • MR Update #04-05 (02/17/04)
  • MR Update #04-04 (02/07/04)
  • MR Update #04-03 (01/30/04)
  • MR Update #04-02 (01/29/04)
  • MR Update #04-01 (01/14/04)


Archives by Year:



  • Financial Stability of Disability Systems Survey (09/06/06)
  • Home and Community Based Feasibility Analysis: MedStat Report (04/05/06)







  • Supreme Court Upholds Fight to Integration in Olmstead (06/23/99)