Physical Disabilities & Aging

ODP has announced that Medication Administration trainers can now request training aids, including a document with links to the Medication Administration webcasts, transcripts for each lesson, a copy of quizzes, and a quiz answer key. Similar training aids also are available for the Practicum Observer course. This method of access can be used by Medication Administration Course Trainers instead of using Matrainer Dashboard Course set up and online Mastudent Course Administration.

There have been numerous requests to allow more flexibility in providing the Medication Administration Training Course to unlicensed staff learning to pass medications. Trainers will now be able to request a document, which contains links to the medication administration webcasts and transcripts for each lesson. There is a similar set of documents available for the Practicum Observer course. Additionally, trainers will receive a copy of quizzes and a quiz answer key. This permission is temporary. Once there is a new online version of the Medication Administration Training Course available, this permission will be rescinded.

ODP Announcement 19-006 provides the detailed information regarding accessing copies of the course material and quizzes as well as the process for training staff who are taking the training.

ODP will also be offering face-to-face classes in the Spring of 2019.

Class requirements:

  • The trainer candidate must already have registered for and completed the required online modules.
  • The trainer candidate must have successfully completed all 10 quizzes with an 80% or higher.
  • The trainer candidate must have successfully completed all exams (multiple choice and written documentation), with an overall course average of 90% or higher.
  • A trainer candidate will automatically attain access to select an available face-to-face class, once he or she has successfully completed all of the above.
  • There is no additional charge to attend the face-to-face class. It is part of the original fee.
  • The face-to-face class is required for new trainers as well as for recertifying trainers.

The face-to-face training date and location may be selected by returning to this website. The full address of the class location will be provided, once you have successfully completed the exams. If you need to change a class date after you have already registered, please contact the helpdesk.

Please do not contact the facility for information. If you have questions about arrival times, parking, assignments, handouts, etc., please contact the Meds Admin Help Desk Portal listed in the above announcement.

Note: Classes are assigned on a first come, first-served basis, based on when you successfully complete your exams. There is a finite number of seats in each class and some classes do fill up. Some class locations may be cancelled, if enrollment is too low.

In today’s competitive health care environment marked by political and economic uncertainty, we need to speak with a united voice to strengthen the public behavioral health system and provide the best possible care to our clients, families, and communities. For this reason, we are excited to inform you that we have recently approved full membership with the National Council for Behavioral Health, which will benefit all members of RCPA.

The National Council supports you and your staff with business development and educational opportunities, insight into national trends related to mental health and addiction services, discounts on webinars and national conferences, and you will become part of a united movement of advocacy on behalf of behavioral health.

National Council offers extensive resources and national expertise in the behavioral health field. Key benefits of membership include:

  • Discounts on registration for the National Council’s Annual Conference and other events;
  • Participation in practice improvement initiatives;
  • Discounts on Mental Health First Aid instructor training;
  • Access to 50+ webinars with tools and resources on a variety of topics;
  • Discounts on Mental Health Weekly, The Brown University Child and Adolescent Behavior Letter, and Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Weekly;
  • Exclusive access to the Journal of Behavioral Health Services and Research;
  • Exclusive access to the Member Listserv and listserv archives on a variety of topics; and
  • Featured on the “Find a Provider” section of the National Council Website.

Together, we will attain our mutual goal: to ensure all Americans living with mental illnesses and addictions have access to comprehensive, high-quality care that affords every opportunity for recovery.

Contact Sarah Eyster, RCPA Mental Health Division Director, with questions.

Please take two minutes today to ask your US Senators to complete the work begun by the House and vote to renew Money Follows the Person (MFP) program before this session ends!

On Tuesday, the US House of Representatives passed a bill to renew the MFP program for three months. The Senate is NOW considering whether to pass it and send it to the President for his signature. Time is of the essence because Congress is slated to go on recess for the holidays in less than two weeks.

THE ASK: Email your Senators to ask them to vote YES on the IMPROVE Act (HR 7217) through an expedited process known as “the hotline.” Our email tool will allow you to send an email directly to their health staff in Washington, DC, who advise them on their decision-making.

THE DETAILS: Money Follows the Person is an important program that has helped over 85,000 people with disabilities and chronic conditions voluntarily move from state-run institutions into the community. It expired in 2016, and with state programs now running out of funds this is already having consequences for people with disabilities. In its annual survey of state Medicaid directors, the Kaiser Family Foundation found that half planned to discontinue program services or administrative activities if Congress did not renew the MFP program’s funding.

By renewing MFP for three months, the IMPROVE Act gives the program a needed bridge into the new Congress in 2019, where we can advocate for a longer renewal. Read ANCOR’s letter of support for the program here, and learn more about the expedited “hotline” voting process here (page 3, “The Operation of Unanimous Consent” section).

Speak up today so that people with I/DD who want to live in the community can live with their family, friends, and peers – just like everyone else!

Contact Jack Phillips, RCPA Director of Government Affairs, with questions.

The RCPA staff and conference committee would like to thank you all for sponsoring, exhibiting, advertising, and/or attending the 2018 RCPA Annual Conference.

It’s official: The 2019 RCPA Annual Conference will be held September 24–27 at the Hershey Lodge, in Hershey, PA — be sure to mark this landmark event on your calendars!

It is our hope that, as you plan your 2019 events, you will once again consider supporting and attending the conference. Some other key dates to remember:

  • The 2019 Call for Workshop Proposals will be sent out by the end of January.
  • The request for sponsors, exhibitors, and advertisers will be sent out by the end of February.

For any questions about the RCPA Annual Conference, please contact Sarah Eyster, RCPA Conference Coordinator. We wish you all a happy and safe holiday season.

In June of this year, the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) established a new Special Populations Unit within the Bureau of Autism Services. This unit oversees the management of the Harry M. Settlement and supports efforts to build system-wide capacity to support individuals with communication challenges. A focus of the work will align with the Everyday Lives recommendation that emphasizes the need to build communication supports for the individuals assisted by ODP programs.

ODP has announced a kickoff series of training webinars presented by the Special Populations Unit in the month of December. These trainings will focus on specific topics related to communication. ODP Communication Number 101-18 includes a listing of the training topics, dates and times, and intended audience; this is the reissue of 101-18 which has the correct dates. To register, click on the linked title of each training you plan to attend. Once you pre-register, you will receive an email with instructions to participate, including a new link to join the meeting.

Questions about this ODP Communication should be directed to the ODP Deaf Services Mailbox.