IBHS Rate Development – Update

IBHS Rate Development – Update

As a follow up to December’s meeting of RCPA and the BH-MCO Task Force, and the development of the IBHS rates, we continue to strongly recommend providers consider the activities listed below.

We also request, in addition to providing this to your BH MCOs, that you provide RCPA with a copy of the information so we can develop a concise picture of the actual cost of care by our provider network. All agency information will be held securely and will remain confidential.

  • Agencies should do a line-by-line review of the IBHS Regulations to determine current and future costs to implement a specific regulation.
  • Areas such as training, supervision, staff credentialing, infrastructure redesign, hiring, quality improvement requirements, and individual staff training plan development/tracking should be considered, but be sure to consider all regulations impacting the delivery of service platform.
  • The cost calculations should be shared with your BH-MCO so they have a full understanding of the actual cost of care that your agency will require to deliver the IBHS service(s).

This rate development process will require a partnership with the providers to capture the actual cost of care and implementation. RCPA and the Children’s IBHS Work Group continue to work on the implementation values for IBHS. If you have questions or feedback, please contact RCPA Children’s Division Director Jim Sharp.


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