ODP Training Offerings Update

ODP Training Offerings Update

ODP Announcement 19-121 was issued due to ODP receiving feedback from many users communicating technical difficulties with the SPeCTRUM 2.0 training modules. They are currently working to resolve these issues and make modifications to ensure that all staff can access and complete the required modules. It is hoped that the adjustments will significantly improve the users’ experience.

Due to the technical issues with the training, the date of expected completion of all nine modules of SPeCTRUM 2.0 has been extended from October 1, 2019 to January 1, 2020. Only Modules 1 and 2 of SPeCTRUM 2.0 must be completed before enrolling as a new provider and before newly hired staff may provide services to program participants. Module 2 has already been modified.

Please see the full announcement for all updated completion requirements. When the Chapter 6100 regulations are promulgated, these modules can be used to meet the required training hours stipulated in the new regulations.

ODP Announcement 19-122 announces a statewide series of training sessions being offered through the PA Family Network from September 2019 through April of 2020. Session topics include:

  • Creating a Vision for a Good Life;
  • Creating a Vision for a Good Life Workshop Series (Allegheny County only);
  • Creating a Vision for a Good Life and Safety in Your Community;
  • Creating a Vision for a Good Life: L.E.A.D. Your Way to Healthy Relationships and Sexuality; and
  • Creating a Vision for Life After High School.

The announcement includes details regarding each session topic, provides a link with date and location, and summarizes the session content. Individuals may register for the individual sessions by following the directions on each linked flyer. If you have any questions, please submit via email.


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