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The Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) has released several documents with pertinent information this month that is specifically directed to Adult Autism Waiver (AAW) and Adult Community Autism Providers (ACAP) providers and/or SCOs.

ODP Announcement 19-092 requests that Support Coordinators and Behavioral Specialists working with AAW and ACAP complete a survey about the Periodic Risk Evaluation (PRE). The data will be utilized in order to improve the user’s experience with the PRE and for supporting providers to identify and mitigate risks. The survey is to be completed by Friday, July 26, 2019; access the survey here.

ODP Announcement 19-094 communicates the process, effective immediately, for SCs in the AAW to inform individuals about the Right to be Free from Abuse initiative. This involves informing individuals about abuse, neglect, and exploitation and protections available to them. This must be completed annually during one of the quarterly in-person meetings and documented in a Service Note.

ODP Announcement 19-096 announces registration is open for a two-day Supports Coordinator training on Charting the Lifecourse by ODP. The training will provide an overview of the Charting the Lifecourse tools and resources to support the framework, and further discuss how BSASP programs can use the tools to support the people within the programs. The link to register is here.

ODP Announcement 19-099 provides clarification to AAW and ACAP Providers and SCOs about the new SPeCTRUM 2.0 Training. Due to the discovery of technical issues with some of the modules, ODP announced that while these issues are being resolved, staff and providers only need to complete part of the training. Only Modules 1 and 2 must be completed before enrolling as a new provider AND before newly hired staff may provide services to program participants. Modules 3–9 must be completed within 60 days of beginning to provide services to any program participants. Current provider and SCO staff and ACAP staff who have taken SPeCTRUM 1.0 and are currently providing services must complete all 9 modules by October 1, 2019.

Contact RCPA IDD Division Director Carol Ferenz with questions.

The Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) offers participant direction, also known as self-direction, to provide participants with a high level of choice and control over their services and supports in the ID/A waivers. In ODP’s self-direction models, the participant directs the provision of waiver services provided by Support Service Professionals, who are known as Direct Support Professionals in the Adult Autism Waiver. Support Service Professionals are the person(s) who will be hired to provide waiver services to the participant.

Participants can take advantage of self-direction opportunities through the utilization of a Financial Management Service (FMS) Organization. Participants who wish to self-direct services may do so though one of two FMS models: Agency with Choice or Vendor Fiscal/Employer Agent.

Since participant-directed services models are not available in the Adult Autism Waiver, ODP included a reserved capacity category called Participant Direction Transfers in the ID/A waiver amendments effective November 1, 2018. Each waiver reserves 5 spaces each year (for a total of 15 per year) for individuals who wish to self-direct the majority of their waiver services but are enrolled in the Adult Autism Waiver.

To begin implementation of this reserved capacity, each participant in the Adult Autism Waiver will receive a letter and a flyer from ODP announcing the availability of this reserved capacity and providing information about participant-directed services. Since there are only 5 spaces available per year in each of the ID/A waivers, the Adult Autism Waiver Supports Coordinator will need to have a discussion with each person enrolled in the Adult Autism Waiver at the first regularly scheduled meeting or monitoring to determine if he or she is interested in self-directing the majority of their waiver services and enrolling in one of the ID/A waivers. Detailed information about this process can be found in ODP Announcement 19- 036. Also see Attachment #1, Attachment #2, and Attachment #3 to the announcement.

Registration is open for a free statewide professional training: Succeeding in an Environment of Change: Exploring the Evolving Dynamic of the Adult Autism Waiver by the Office of Developmental Programs, Bureau of Autism Services (ODP/BAS). The trainings will be held in April and May, and detailed information, such as dates and locations, can be found in ODP Announcement 19-027.

In an environment of constant change, Supports Coordinators (SCs) and Supports Coordination Supervisors (SCSs) must be flexible and aware of available resources and support available to help them optimally perform their roles. This training session will focus on the impact key changes, such as new regulations and BAS policy changes, have on the roles and responsibilities of SCs and SCSs. Questions about this announcement can be sent via email.