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ODP Announcement 19-074 introduces the implementation of an ODP communication notification feature for all MyODP registered users. Users will begin receiving web and email notifications for all ODP communications that are added to the MyODP Communications page. Users who do not yet have an account may create a new account on MyODP to be automatically subscribed to ODP communications. ODP communications will include ODP Announcements, Health Alerts, ODP Newsletters, and information on upcoming events. MyODP users will be subscribed to all ODP communications by default. Users may select targeted audiences and opt out of receiving ODP communications at any time.

When logged into your MyODP account, ODP communications will show within your notifications panel. The notifications bell next to your username will display a counter of new notifications that have not yet been read. Clicking on the bell will display your most recent notifications, including ODP communications. This will display as “ODP Announcement.” Clicking on the notification will direct you to the full communication.

You will also receive communications through the email that is registered to your MyODP account. The email will contain a link to the announcement, its location on MyODP, as well as a link to update your subscription preferences. To manage subscriptions, click on the link to update your subscription preferences within each communication that is sent to your email. You may also find the manage subscriptions link on the MyODP Communications web page.

  • If there are any audiences that you do not wish to receive communications for, you may uncheck the box next to each audience and click update subscriptions to save your settings.
  • At the top of the manage subscriptions page, there is a link to the notification preferences page which will enable you to unsubscribe from email and/or web notifications.
  • To unsubscribe from notifications, locate the section labeled “database module audience notifications” within the notification preferences You may click on each of the green “On” icons to turn news feed notifications off for web and/or email, whether online and/or offline.

See the above referenced announcement for details and screen shots.

The Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) announced that there is now a hub for the Information Sharing and Advisory Committee (ISAC) on the MyODP Training and Resource Center online. ISAC is composed of stakeholders in the IDD system who come together to share information to and from ODP and to advise the Deputy about issues important to our stakeholders. ISAC members are expected to come with information from the group they represent and to share information form ODP learned at ISAC with their group. In order to enhance communication, ODP has created the ISAC hub.

To view the ISAC hub, you may create a MyODP account, or log in as a guest if you do not have an account. Currently, a calendar of scheduled meetings, agenda and topic items from the April 11, 2018 meeting, a folder for previous meeting materials, and the Everyday Lives booklet and recommendations are posted on the hub. Agenda items and presentation materials will continue to be posted for future ISAC meetings. Some materials may be limited to ISAC members only. View the ODP Announcement regarding the hub here.