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Ms. Eyster represents the association at state-level meetings and serves as staff liaison to the Mental Health Committee. She is responsible for member communication of, and the analysis of, Department of Human Services and other key policy decisions.

Message from the National Council for Mental Wellbeing:

Proposed updates to the 2023 Physician Fee Schedule would expand access to mental health and substance use services and allow some providers more flexibility in treating Medicare enrollees. Reserve a spot today to join the National Council for Mental Wellbeing for a special webinar discussing the “incident to” billing provisions and what they mean for providers.

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Title: ‘Incident To’ Provisions of the Proposed 2023 Physician Fee Schedule
Time: August 16, 2022, at 12:00 pm ET

  • The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is proposing updates to the 2023 Physician Fee Schedule that would create an exception to the direct supervision requirement of “incident to” billing to allow for general supervision, which would allow certain mental health providers to be reimbursed without the physician or non-physician practitioners on-site requirement.
  • Medicare’s Physician Fee Schedule, updated yearly, contains a comprehensive listing of the maximum fees physicians and other providers may be reimbursed under fee-for-service in Medicare.

In this webinar, participants will be provided:

  • Overview of “incident to” billing in Medicare;
  • Summary of the “incident to” proposed rule changes for 2023;
  • Analysis of the impact and implications to providers;
  • Context for the applicability to dual eligible individuals; and
  • Dedicated Q&A period.

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In an effort to continue the work of the Coalition communications work group, a full committee meeting will be convened on August 4, 2022, from 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm in order to discuss next steps. While the amount of increased county funds appears to be $15M, this is not confirmed. There also appears to be a one-time commitment of $100M, again, without detail. Finally, there is the requirement to develop a Behavioral Health Commission, which will explore BH needs across the commonwealth. The communications work group sees some opportunities to connect and educate this group of people.

The meeting on August 4 will:

  • Review the communications group efforts during the budget period;
  • Discuss strategies to educate the BH commission members;
  • Recruit more communications work group members; and
  • Set goals for the 2023/24 budget year.

Please contact Sarah Eyster with questions. Register for the meeting here.

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TBD Solutions is administering a survey on Crisis Residential Program (CRP) funding. This survey is intended for providers of Crisis Residential/Crisis Stabilization Services or residential alternatives to psychiatric hospitalization (known in some states as Facility-Based Crisis, Crisis Stabilization Units, Crisis Respite, or Community Crisis Stabilization).

All providers who participate will receive early access to the survey results report. For providers of multiple CRPs, please complete one survey for each CRP that you operate. Please also share this survey with your state’s provider network! There are hundreds of CRPs across the country, and TBD Solutions hopes to have strong representation from each state to produce a comprehensive and reliable report.

Access to this survey will close at 5:00 pm EST on Tuesday, August 2, 2022.

If you have any questions, please contact Kate VanderWal of TBD Solutions or Sarah Eyster.

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Image by Werner Moser from Pixabay

The proposal “Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services” was delivered to the Independent Regulatory Review Commission (IRRC), the House Human Services Committee, and the Senate Health and Human Services Committee for review on June 23, 2022. The proposal has a 30-day comment period that closes on August 8, 2022.

RCPA is convening an interested group of providers to review the proposed regulations. The meeting will be taking place on Friday, July 29, from 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm. Please register for the event here if you are interested in attending. Members are encouraged to also submit their own comments directly to the Department.

For more information on the proposal, visit here.