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Yesterday was primary day in the Commonwealth. The primary was a municipal election covering county commissioner, Court of Common Pleas, mayor, council, school board, and other municipal races; however, two House seats were up for grabs in Delaware and Northumberland Counties.

In Delaware County, Democrat Heather Boyd defeated Republican Katie Ford for a vacancy created by the resignation of Democratic Rep. Mike Zabel.

In Northumberland County, the Republicans held onto the seat in the 108th Legislative District as Republican Michael Stender defeated Democrat Trevor Finn. The seat was open because former Republican State Rep. Lynda Schlegel Culver won a Senate special election earlier this year to succeed former state Sen. John Gordner, R-Columbia.

When these two newly elected officials are sworn in, the Democrats will control the House in the State’s General Assembly by a thin margin of 102 Democrats to 101 Republicans.

Please contact Jack Phillips with any questions.

RCPA held a Legislators’ Breakfast at the Capitol today, April 26, to discuss issues related to health and human services as well as to meet the new legislators. We thank everyone who attended, including Rep. Mike Schlossberg and Rep. Joanne Stehr, who both spoke with RCPA President and CEO Richard Edley.






RCPA Policy Directors were also in attendance. Policy Director Jason Snyder spoke with Sen. Christine Tartaglione, while Policy Directors Jim Sharp and Carol Ferenz spoke with Rep. Stephen Kinsey. Carol Ferenz then spoke with Rob Labatch of RCPA member Hope Enterprises, Inc. and Rep. Paul Takac. Policy Director Melissa Dehoff was also busy speaking with several representatives and members, including Rep. Lisa Borowski, Rep. Tarik Khan, Bridget Lowery of RCPA member Success Rehabilitation, Inc., and Jack Poplar of RCPA member Acadia Inc.











Alongside RCPA Policy Directors was Board Member Susan Blue of Community Services Group. She spoke with several legislators, including Rep. Nancy Guenst, while Policy Director Jack Phillips spoke with Nick Troutman, who serves as Chief of Staff for Senator Yaw.






RCPA thanks its members who attended and spoke one-on-one with those who can shape the policies affecting health and human services. Employees of RCPA member Chimes Holcomb made an appearance, in addition to Hope Enterprises, Inc., Acadia Inc., and Success Rehabilitation, Inc.






We thank everyone who attended and supported our Legislators’ Breakfast. It was an incredible experience discussing health and human services in the Commonwealth while meeting all the new faces! We look forward to continuing to work with the legislature.

RCPA hosted our 2023 Capitol Day today, April 24, on the steps of the Capitol outside the Main Rotunda. Our rally focused on the need for funding in health and human services to combat the workforce crisis as well as an increase in training for staff and advocacy for telehealth, amongst other issues. You can view our 2023 legislative and administrative priorities here.

Those who spoke at our rally included RCPA President/CEO Richard Edley (left) and RCPA SUD Treatment Services Policy Director Jason Snyder (right). The two spoke of insufficient funding, overbearing regulations, and other issues deeply affecting human services providers in the Commonwealth.


Also in attendance were Rep. Mike Schlossberg (left), Rep. Dan Miller (center), and Rep. Doyle Heffley (right). We thank them for their attendance and for showing support to those who work in health and human services.


Lloyd Wertz, Executive Director of Family Training and Advocacy Center (left), and Sherri Landis, Executive Director of The Arc of PA (right), were also in attendance. Both spoke passionately on the challenges facing those working in health and human services.




Last but not least, we thank those on the ground who do the hard work and who came out to support our efforts today. We especially thank Conference of Allegheny Providers (CAP) and KenCrest for their advocacy! We hope these efforts bring light to the work that you do for your communities.

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RCPA will be hosting our 2023 Capitol Day on Monday, April 24. During the day, RCPA will have a press conference and rally on the steps of the Capitol outside the Main Rotunda between 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm. We are requesting that members schedule appointments with their Senate and House legislators to discuss the state budget, legislation, and regulations. Please register for Capitol Day press conference/rally here.

In the near future, RCPA will be sending out legislative priorities and other policy documents for legislative visits. Please watch your emails for Capitol Day updates. As an additional resource, members can go on the Pennsylvania Capitol website to find parking and maps of the Capitol. If you have questions regarding our 2023 Capitol Day, please contact Jack Phillips.

RCPA will be hosting our 2023 Capitol Day on Monday, April 24 and will hold a press conference and rally between 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm on the front steps of the State Capitol (outside the Main Rotunda). This is your opportunity to show a shared voice to the legislature, administration, and governor’s office on matters that impact providers and those they serve. Members from all RCPA divisions are requested to attend and schedule appointments with their Senate and House legislators to discuss the state budget, legislation, and regulations that impact the services of our members.

Detailed information will follow, but if you have questions or suggestions regarding our 2023 Capitol Day, please contact Jack Phillips, Director of Government Affairs.