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The Administration for Children and Families (ACF) Office of Planning, Research, and Evaluation (OPRE) is soliciting applications for Prevention Services Evaluation Partnerships. These grants aim to support summative (i.e., impact) randomized control trial or quasi-experimental evaluations of a mental health, substance abuse prevention and/or treatment, in-home parent skill-based, or kinship navigator program or service. The grants will support collaborations among evaluators and partnering Title IV-E agencies, community entities, and/or researchers that have experience in working with foster children or children in kinship care arrangements to conduct well-designed and rigorous summative evaluations of programs and services intended to provide enhanced support to children and families, including pregnant and parenting youth in foster care, as well as prevent child abuse and neglect and foster care placements.

Grant recipients are expected to conduct a randomized control trial or quasi-experimental evaluation design that aligns with Title IV-E Prevention Services Clearinghouse (the Clearinghouse) Design and Execution Standards for Moderate or High Support of Causal Evidence and may contribute to the research systematically reviewed by the Clearinghouse. Grant recipients may collect and analyze primary data or leverage existing data for the proposed evaluation. ACF is particularly interested in evaluations of programs or services that are eligible for review by the Clearinghouse but which are not yet rated; programs and services with a rating of “does not currently meet criteria” by the Clearinghouse, and programs and services that have been designed for or adapted for specific cultural, ethnic, or racial groups, or programs and services that aim to serve other populations that have been historically marginalized and/or have historic or ongoing disproportionate representation in the child welfare system.

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View the funding summary announcement for more details. Any questions regarding this announcement should be directed to the federal Administration for Children and Families contacts outlined in the announcement.

A workplace culture that prioritizes well-being improves employee engagement and increases the retention of passionate, competent staff. Research shows that positivity is essential to promoting well-being, yet many still have a very misguided view of what positivity really means. Over the last several years, however, researchers have proven that we can measure, induce, and cultivate greater positivity.

Join Relias Thursday, June 1, 2023, to hear Michele Mavi and Liana Slater, Co-Founders of Monumental Me, discuss what positivity means and tips on cultivating greater positivity on your team to increase well-being at work.

  • Webinar date: Thursday, June 1, 2023, at 2:00 pm ET
  • Speaker: Michele Mavi, Co-Founder of Monumental Me
  • Learning Objectives:
    • The importance and impact of positive emotions
    • The domains of threat in the workplace
    • Why focusing on relationships and trust is critical

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The mission of the Division of Behavioral Healthcare Education (BHE), Department of Psychiatry, Drexel University College of Medicine, is to support behavioral health practitioners in providing high-quality services to people of all ages. They fulfill this mission by delivering continuing education, consultation, technical assistance, and conferences that are rooted in research and evidence-based best practices.

BHE can assist you in:

  • Designing and attaining specific program outcomes;
  • Examining and clarifying basic values, mission, and program goals;
  • Expanding skills and competencies;
  • Exploring new areas of knowledge;
  • Improving customer satisfaction; and
  • Staying on the cutting edge of new technologies and experience-based practices.

Visit here for list of June 2023 courses.

All child welfare professionals in Pennsylvania are eligible for the following FREE trauma trainings facilitated by Lakeside Global, Inc.

If you have completed Trauma 101 and Enhancing Trauma Awareness, you are eligible to register for the Train the Trainer course scheduled for May!

Train the Trainer (25-Hour Course)

Participants who meet course requirements would be certified by Lakeside Global Institute as Adjunct Trainers with authorization to license and present Lakeside Global Institute workshops. Adjunct Trainers are also equipped to facilitate small group discussions. LGI’s Train the Trainers course applies the same approaches and techniques provided in course content. Participants can expect LGI trainers to maintain a high level of integrity with regard to processes of group leadership, management, and facilitation.

Enhancing Trauma Awareness

Enhancing Trauma Awareness (ETA) is a 15-hour course that is the first in a series of trauma courses. ETA provides a rich and sophisticated exploration of the subject of trauma with an emphasis on encouraging professionals to become highly sensitive regarding the nature of trauma as foun­dational to becoming trauma-informed. Professionals will gain heightened awareness and respect with regard to trauma-related behaviors and the consequences of being impacted by trauma that can extend into relationships, systems, and across generations.


If you already registered for training and did not receive a training link, here are your contacts: