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On April 30, OMHSAS presented a stakeholder informational webinar, led by Deputy Secretary Kristen Houser. The updates included overviews from OMHSAS Bureau Heads of certain issues as they relate to OMHSAS operational guidance during the COVID-19 crisis.

Additional expanded guidance is forthcoming from OMHSAS that covers telehealth, the BHRS/IBHS operations, and Pre Authorization changes. OMHSAS is also seeking feedback from providers on the utilization of telehealth and the experience and successes providers are having in this mode of service delivery. RCPA is currently working with members to gather this data and information to present to DHS.

Please follow this link to the PowerPoint slides that provide an overview as well as links to guidelines and FAQs from DHS during the pandemic.

 The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will conduct weekly calls that focus on COVID-19 and lessons from the front lines. Two calls have been scheduled for May 1 and May 8 (from 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm) and are a joint effort between CMS Administrator, Seema Verma; Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner, Stephen Hahn, MD; and the White House Coronavirus Task Force, along with physicians and other clinicians. Participants will be encouraged to share their experiences, ideas, strategies, and insights related to your COVID-19 response. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions.

To Participate on May 1:

  • Conference lines are limited, so we encourage you to join via audio webcast, either on your computer or smartphone web browser
  • Or, call 877-251-0301; Access Code: 9545128

To Participate on May 8:

  • Conference lines are limited, so we encourage you to join via audio webcast, either on your computer or smartphone web browser
  • Or, call 877-251-0301; Access Code: 9146779

Loan Forgiveness Update for the Paycheck Protection Program
As of this writing, the Small Business Administration (SBA) has not released official guidance on loan forgiveness for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). Maher Duessel is involved with some national technical working groups out of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). From the conversations we have had, we have posted updates on some common questions.  You can also refer to the AICPA’s open resources on PPP’s loan forgiveness.

CARES 3.5 Enacted
The COVID-19 3.5 relief package has been officially signed into legislation. This relief package adds an additional $484 billion in funding to replenish the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) along with other previously funded COVID-19 assistance programs. Non-Profits will continue to be eligible to receive PPP funds. Read the details on what is being funded in our blog.

Paycheck Protection Act Updates and Top Ten Questions Answered for Non-Profits
With additional funding provided by the new COVID-19 relief package (CARES Act 3.5), the Small Business Administration (SBA) has resumed accepting Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) applications from participating lenders on Monday, April 27th. As a reminder, this program provides loans of equal to the lesser of 2 and ½ months of average payroll or $10 million for eligible nonprofits. The SBA has issued a FAQ document of common questions regarding this program.  Read our blog for important PPP updates impacting non-profits along with a summary of the top ten questions non-profits may have regarding this program.

Senate Bill 841 Enacted Offering Flexibility to Governments and Non-Profits
Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has signed Senate Bill 841 to improve the flexibility of local governments, non-profits, and the business community in meeting the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. A key provision of the bill is allowing local governments to conduct public meetings remotely.  Find out how your local government can comply and more in our blog.

BCO-10 Filing Changes
The Pennsylvania Bureau of Corporations and Charitable Organizations is accepting PA BCO-10 Filings online in addition to mailed registrations delivered by the U.S. Postal Service. Listed below are the updated deadlines for BCO-10 filings:

  1. Charitable Organization Fiscal Year End: May 31, 2019
    Charitable Organization Renewal Date and Registration Expiration: April 15, 2020
    New Deadline: July 15, 2020
  1. Charitable Organization Fiscal Year End: June 30, 2019
    Charitable Organization Renewal Date and Registration Expiration: May 15, 2020
    New Deadline: August 17, 2020
  1. Charitable Organization Fiscal Year End: July 31, 2020
    Charitable Organization Renewal Date and Registration Expiration: June 15, 2020
    New Deadline: September 15, 2020

We will continue to update our blog regarding any filing changes.

OMB Addresses COVID-19’s Effect on Single Audits
Partner Diane Edelstein recorded a podcast with the PICPA regarding the impact of COVID-19 on Single Audits. In this podcast, Ms. Edelstein addresses the six-month extension to the Single Audit due date, the amount of documentation needed to explain the delayed filing, and additional Single Audit matters that will likely require guidance in the near future.

Preparing for Hospitalization During COVID-19 Pandemic: A Checklist for People with Disabilities – April 23, 2020

During the COVID-19 pandemic you should do everything you can to stay out of a hospital, but if you have no choice, BE PREPARED for business not as usual! The normal hospital standards of practice may not be followed due to limited staff, many more patients than usual, and not enough equipment and supplies. It may be much more difficult to ensure your right to medical care is honored.

The American Association on Health and Disability (AAHD) is conducting a confidential, real-time online assessment of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on health care and health care access among persons with a range of disabilities.