DDAP Announces New XYZ Packet Completed

DDAP Announces New XYZ Packet Completed

RCPA is pleased to report that the Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs (DDAP) has announced that the XYZ Rate Setting Committee has completed work on documents related to the rate setting process for the 2018/19 state fiscal year. Providers of non-hospital detox and rehabilitation, to include halfway houses, can find the 2018/19 materials on PACDAA’s web page.

RCPA has been informed that once the XYZ packet is completed and submitted, the rate that is determined is the rate that must be used. Other important changes have been made that will benefit providers and end up accomplishing the all-important goal of covering the costs of the services provided.

RCPA sends a special thank you to Jon Wolf, President and CEO of Pyramid HealthCare Inc.; his strong participation and leadership in this critical task force are greatly appreciated. RCPA also thanks Jennifer Smith, Acting Secretary and Terry Matulevich, Director, both from DDAP, for their commitment to assisting providers in obtaining fair rates that actually covered costs.

Below is the revised time frame for the rate setting process, as outlined in the XYZ package. Providers should direct questions to your single county authority (SCA).

November 1 Provider audits due to SCAs, unless otherwise specified in the DDAP/SCA Grant Agreement
By or before February 1 Providers submit the completed XYZ package to the SCA
By or before March 16 SCAs respond to providers with the approved rates
Between March 16 – April 16 Provider appeals are submitted to the SCA
April 16 – April 30 Appeals that are unable to be resolved at the SCA level are submitted to DDAP
By or before May 1 SCA posts rates to PACDAA’s web page


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